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Raising Reed

As many of ya’ll know, I have a three year old son named Reed.  As many of you also know, I have no prior experience raising children.  So basically, I have no clue as to what I am doing.  I try to apply natural horsemanship principles and techniques whenever possible, but as with my dogs, I am just not as disciplined with him as I am with my horses.  I find myself doing crazy things that I used to see other crazy parents do before I had Reed. Then, I thought that they were crazy.  Now I…


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My husband still reminds me that night when I found out I was pregnant, I started planning our first pilgrimage to Disney.

reed and donald


I went to Disney several times as a child, and, of course, loved it. I didn’t recall the parking, the crowds, or the $5 pretzels.

I started planning our trip 6 months out.  I wanted to make sure I had every minute planned out for maximum…


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.....The Rest of the Story

…..The Rest of the Story

I meant to finish this story over a month (or two) ago, but time got away from me.  That happens routinely to me.  Part of the reason for that is I have NO free time.  I am either traveling to teach, trying to spend time with my horses or chasing things- like Reed or Scout.  Yesterday, I ended up chasing Scout through the Wagener High School hallway with the ROTC trailing…


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Scout.....Part II

Posted on by Kelly…


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The Ultimate Predator

I have always been pretty good with horses, but never with predators.  This includes men and dogs.

kellys blog picture for August Scout, my Jack Russell Terrier, confirms everyday to me that I have no business attempting to train predators.

Scout is a serial killer.  I am pretty convinced that she must be reincarnated from some famous serial killer madman.  When she is locked in on the kill, there is absolutely no reasoning with her- she cannot see or hear anything else.  After the kill, she always…


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How this Whole Thing got Started.....

People ask me all of the time how I got into natural horsemanship- and I always tell them at the beginning of any of my clinics…

kelly's july ontario clinic

11 years ago I had no idea what natural horsemanship was- Seriously- no clue.

I was eventing at the Preliminary/Intermediate level on my Thoroughbred George, and we either did really well or…


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Highlights from Canada

Highlights from Canada

When we crossed the border, I was pretty sure that we crossed over to the Arctic Circle.  The temperature dropped around 30 degrees, and the wind kicked up to hurricane force.  I had on three jackets and the border control officers were in short sleeves and cargo pants- and obviously bothered by the heat.

As I approached the booth with Jack Russell in lap, towing a huge camper and 2 year old strapped…


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Red Neck Stop Sign

Last Friday I thought that my truck was fairly operational- besides the fact I could not turn it off- then it did not want to start again.

So I figured, just don’t turn it off ‘til I get to Virginia- it’s a diesel, so I really don’t have to turn it off to fuel up.

Technically, that is correct.  However, if your truck DIES while you are driving it 75 miles per hour down the highway, while you are talking to someone in England- well Houston, you have a…


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My Glamorous Life


I think that a lot of people are under the impression that my life is glamorous.  As I write this, I am sitting in a campground that spans about 5 acres and am surrounded by at least 500 people in campers and tents parked 10 inches from each other.  Everyone has a Boston accent except for me.  The campground is located across from Santa’s workshop.  My son is watching Elmo for the…


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