SPCA Workshop - Keeping our Constables Safe During Seizures & Rescues

On November 18th I'll be holding a workshop for the local SPCA constables, volunteers & others in related capacities at our facility in Langley, BC. The focus will be on safety, handling & assessment of potential rescuees.
The session will be videotaped, & upon authorization the video may be made available to other interested offices.

I have an outline drawn up, but I'd like to hear some suggestions from everyone too. What would you like to see in such a workshop? Any specific skills that should be included?

I'm going to cover the usual... in an "Advanced Pony Club" sort of way;
Emerg 1st Aid/triage
Safety do's & dont's ... think of the situations a constable / helper would get into in a typical (if there IS such a thing!) seizure/rescue;
Handling feral horses (not to be confused with feral owners!)
Working with debilitated/injured or incapacitated horses
Horsey psychology 101 (body language, when to get tough, when to run like hell, why it’s important to get them to lower their heads, tools of the trade ... that sort of thing), etc.

Please share suggestions, comments, proposals, threats, coercions & general chit chat on the subject ...

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