Stop the GENOCIDE on America's Wild Mustangs...we must act together and with poise...

We, as a nation of horse lovers, MUST become a unified VOICE for the Wild Mustangs of our West. They are being illegally rounded up, brutally handled, and many are being shipped to Mexico and Canada for slaughter.
THIS IS ILLEGAL according the 1971 ROAM ACT.

The BLM is taking laws, decisions and these matters into their own hands (no doubt being manipulated by the few, the greedy and the selfish for reasons of cattle/sheep grazing, and the Ruby Oil Pipeline...)

This has to end. Below are a list of websites and also videos that help to tell the whole story. We must call our senators, the President, and the BLM / Salizars office. The only way that the massive massacre / genocide on our wild horses will end (before they are all destroyed or incapable of breeding) is if we speak for them. Did the BLM really think we wouldn't notice??? Well lets prove to them that we do and that this holocaust on the mustangs will not be allowed!!!

I-Team Special: Stampede to Oblivion - Segment 1

I-Team Special: Stampede to Oblivion - Segment 2

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Sheryl Crow Joins in Wild Horse Fight

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Western Montage - Farewell Ride

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NATURE Cloud's Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns

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