My latest, a little different from the rest. Not as outrageously funny, more poignant. What's important is the final message.



In it I make fun of everyone, myself included. It is of course completely ridiculous yet annoyingly true. I hope you all like it! (Dressage Queen with over 15,000 views is a hard act to follow!)






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Comment by Barbara F. on September 17, 2010 at 10:00am
A super video, as usual, "D"! I want to add that there are some incredible professionals out there doing it right - and still at the top of the world. Check out any video of Belinda Trussell and you'll see an international rider who is just an inspiration. No beating, no rollkur, no drilling. Just correct training and superb riding. And something that I think is of utmost importance: her horses are turned out for hours every day and they are hacked through the woods regularly - even her WEG mount, Anton.
Comment by Jackie Cochran on September 14, 2010 at 8:29am
Gee, I've been hearing that I just don't understand why other horsemen abuse their horses my whole riding life. I've been told I don't know what I'm talking about my whole riding life. I have had instructors yelling at me to abuse my horse (when I had one) my whole riding life--EXCEPT for the Forward Seat teacher who yelled at me each and every time I abused my horse through ignorance.
I don't want to abuse the horses I ride. I do not care what the current fashion is, in a decade there will be another fashion that all the people will insist is the highest horsemanship--no matter how abusive it is.
Horse shows want to fill their stands. They want paying customers. Unabused horses look SOOOO boring, and do not fill the stands. Guess what wins out? Giving the paying customer what they want no matter what. The horses just suffer in silence.

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