The Pony, a bright future in driving?

These last couple of weeks I've been long reining (?) the pony a lot. I really want to make a driving horse (pony) out of her, but since I don't have a harness (or wagon) yet long reining will do for now.

I've taken her:
*over big plastic sheets
*poles on the ground,
*over barrels,
*in traffic,
*climbing steep hills,
*with ropes hanging behind her on the ground,
*with a friend pulling the ropes and throwing them all around her back legs and
*for long walks in rivers etc.

The Pony just keeps walking as if it was the she had always done it. She didn't spook or look twice at anything. I just love her work ethic ;)

In this film she had just a little too much energy. But she never means any harm, she's just goofing around.
(The video does not include any of the exercises mentioned above)

The Little Crazy Pony.wmv

If any of you have any tips or comments on things I can do (better) to prepare her for her driving horse (pony) days, please let me know!

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Comment by Cat on May 8, 2009 at 1:30pm
Aww bless her!

I now know what it looks like with out the snow there too!

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