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Berit, Hans Arne And Their Two Stallions.

I've know Berit since I was 14. We have always shared an interest for horses and we both lost the true love of our lives. Hers' was a big black gelding called Hector. She swore she would never get another horse ever again, but a few years passed by, and one day she called me up and said, "I just became a horse owner again". She told me that the horse she had bough was a new born stallion. A native…


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When the bad things happen...

...it erases the memory of the good.

It had to happen. It happens to everyone, I just did not know it would happen today. The day started out so good. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and spring was in the air. The horses graze 24/7 in a huge pasture that reaches over 90.000 square meters.. As I walked through the forest to find the horses I had such a good feeling about this day.

(The pony…


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Full body workout- for the horse (film included)

Why waste money on expensive training aids when all you need is a headcollar, a lungerope, a bunch of friends and about 60 cm powder snow ;)

It’s cold here now, big surprise! It’s cold in Norway! Haha well, it’s cold!! We’ve had temperatures between -7 and -25 C every day since Christmas. And even colder some days, and at night. We try to make the most of it but I have to admit that the horses have had a few too many days off this past month.

Today the temperature was… Continue

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How to:

Knock down a fence

Kill your instructor

Get out of jumping a fence

All this in today’s episode of ”TSSP learning to jump”

Saturday the pony had her first jumping lesson. We’ve jumped lots of times before but this was the

first lesson with an instructor. Astri (who rides the pony a few times a week) was there to capture all this… Continue

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I’m a very proud Ponymom!

Well, this picture says it all.

The Pony (who looks really small in this picture) finally got the beat right in the trot and I could ask her for more, and more and more until she understood what I was asking and stretched her little legs out as far as she could. Oh I love that pony so much!!

[TSSP = Tanum Stjerna (the ponys name) Super… Continue

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Moving on, Shows, Dreams and Tears

It’s now been almost two weeks without my beloved Linda. It feels like years. I miss her so so much and ever time I’m in the fields I automatically look for her. But she’s not there. And she never will be again. I miss her!

My reason for getting up in the morning, now that Linda is gone, has to be the Pony. She’s doing remarkably well in everything I throw her into and I couldn’t be more proud of her. It feels OK to be back in the stables and back on a horse and when we are out… Continue

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End Of An Era

This is hard for me to write, No doubt about it. I’m walking around in an insomniatic sate with tears in my eyes and a huge lump in my stomach. I didn’t know it was possible to cry as much as I have been these last few days.

I have received many words of comfort and many hugs, and even tho I do appreciate it, they will not help until I’ve gone trough the entire process. The worst part of all this is to have to wait for the day.… Continue

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A kiss...

...For my beloved.

My friend Alex took this great picture today. I was getting ready for a ride and Bruvin wanted some attention. I had no idea Alex was taking pictures but when she sent this to me later today I was so happy! Isn’t it gorgeous?

Do notice that his head is bigger than my upper body ;)


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Baby steps

Let me introduce you all to Bruvin. He is a 4 year old native Norwegian breed called Døla hest. He is 165 cm and 700 kg (50 kg of summer vacation belly).

I’ve known Bruvin since the day he was born. I was out in the field trying to find the horses and after 90 minutes I found them underneath some big old trees. Bruvins mom had two feet sticking out. Needless to say she was giving birth, and I helped her.

I was the first… Continue

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It's Time...

For me to let you know I’m still alive! My computer had to be sent to service because it broke down and screamed at me when I tried to turn it on. So I’ve been without my dearest computer for almost 2 months! Anyways, enough about me. Let’s talk horses

All the horses have had/are having 5 weeks of summer vacation. Linda has finished her vacation and is now put back into work. We started out easy by walking around in the heat, going swimming and just goofing off. But we cant go around… Continue

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Crazy People Have More Fun!

Since I leave tomorrow to move my stuff home from Uni. (summer vacation, yaaayyyy) I won’t have time to write a blog later this week. Nor will I have time to ride any for at least 3 days! *Sigh*

This week has been so much fun! Linda is still on sick leave but The Pony and I have been working harder than ever. (Or not) We’ve just been enjoying each others company and having fun. I’ve also been riding Bruvin (The 4 year old) a little. (that's him and me in the picture)…


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Cracking the code

I’m not all into shows and making money off the horses, if I was I wouldn’t be riding the horses that I do. What I think about when I’m riding a horse is how can I make this work best for the both of us.

The Pony is the worlds most loveable, crazy, mad, undisciplined, wonderful pony I’ve ever met. She can be all up in my face one day and all I wanna do is give her away to the first one that wants her. She’ll jump into bushes, ruin her tack, jump around like a madman, jump into rives… Continue

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What a week! Patriot anyone?

What a week!

Well, let me first just say, congrats Norway! We (or Alexander Rybak) won the Eurovision song contest.

For those of you who are reading this for the horses just jump down a few scrolls ;) this first bit is dedicated to Norway, my country ;)

Then last Sunday it was Norway’s “birthday” and let me tell you, that is a big deal here in Norway. Everyone walk in parades, sing the national anthem, school bands march, we say… Continue

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What do you know...?

... About the Fjord horse?

Since so many people are asking me about my horse I thought I would make a blog about Fjords. The text is copied from wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fjord_horse) and http://www.fjordhorseint.no/default.asp but the pictures are mine (unless anything else is written) If there is anything else you would like to know about fjords, please ask… Continue

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The Dark Side of a Fjord...

All horses have a dark side, my horses' dark side is just more visible

I Just Love My Horse

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The Pony, a bright future in driving?

These last couple of weeks I've been long reining (?) the pony a lot. I really want to make a driving horse (pony) out of her, but since I don't have a harness (or wagon) yet long reining will do for now.

I've taken her:

*over big plastic sheets

*poles on the ground,

*over barrels,

*in traffic,

*climbing steep hills,

*with ropes hanging behind her on the ground,

*with a friend pulling the ropes and… Continue

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My dream - step one

My goal is for me and my horse to have the best relationship I can have with a horse, and her with a human. My dream is riding bridle less in her field in tall grass or galloping through the snow with nothing but her mane to hold on to.

I've had my horse for over 10 years and today i took the first real step in realizing my dream.

I trust her, but to avoid misunderstandings i did it as easy as I could for her. not giving her the opportunity to fail when I took the step and… Continue

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What's up in Norway?

I guess it's time for yet another blog from our part of the world.

First of all I would like you to meet my friend from the stable Kine R.

Her horse lives next to mine, but they aren't really very good friends, you know mares! ;)

Linda is being Linda and has started breaking out at night and knocking over the feed bins so she's eaten 20 kg of oats in 3 nights. (this for a horse that usually gets 1/2 kg a day) Thankfully she didn't get sick, just very…


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