Horse Book Review: The Trouble with Being a Horse

My book about a girl who turns into a horse, "The Trouble with Being a Horse," is really going places! Since getting US distribution the book has been picked up by a few chain stores and has gotten quite a lot of reviews! I have to say I'm pretty pleased that the book is liked by both horse people and non-horse people (the true test!). Here's what Readers Favorite had to say: 


Reviewed by Joy H. for Readers Favorite

Olivia loved horses and loved working at the stables with Claudia. Olivia’s aunt had given her lessons for her 7th birthday, and Olivia worked at the stables to continue paying for them. Working around horses so much, she always wondered what it would be like to live the life of a horse.

After losing his job, Olivia’s father wanted her to help more around the house, so her parents forbade her to go to the stables. She decided to go for one last ride, and this changed her life. While out riding, a gang of birds spooked Trouble, her horse, causing him to go into areas they had never been. Olivia fell from Trouble and went into a deep sleep; when she woke, she was shocked to find out she was indeed a horse! What would her parents think now? 

Join Olivia on her journey as she finds out what it is like being a horse, and all of the difficulties she faces while being the four-legged creature.

I enjoyed following Olivia’s journey as she learned what life was like being a horse. It's a fun and imaginative story for the "tween" age. I appreciate the author’s love and knowledge of horses, making this book more interesting to read. The characters were believable and real and make you want to be a part of Olivia’s life. Reading this book will help others Olivia’s age in dealing with insecurities in their lives as it helped Olivia. I recommend this book to any young adult wanting a fun read, and a must, if he/she is a horse lover!


"The Trouble with Being a Horse" is available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and its own website,

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