Use Visualization When Riding Your Training Level Dressage Horse

Here's a fun training tip that uses visualization to help you ride your Training Level Dressage horse better. I call it RIDES WITH FRUIT.

I'm sure you remember Kevin Costner's movie, Dances with Wolves. Well, I call this training tip, Rides with Fruit. I thought it was appropriate since it's summer, and many of us start to eat more fruits and vegetables.

So let's use visualization and bring some fruity images to your dressage horse! When you're on a circle, your horse's body should curve like a banana. Feel the weight of a grapefruit in your outside hand and the weight of an orange in your inside hand. Sit deep and relax your gluts by saying, "My butt is a marshmallow." (Oh? You mean marshmallows aren't a fruit?)

A Happy Horse

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Comment by Jane Savoie on August 7, 2009 at 11:12am
I guess I've been "outed"!! LOL!!
Comment by Ann Crago on August 7, 2009 at 11:08am
.....LOL....Great blog Jane !!!!....but with all the talk of food...I must ask....DIETING are we????....that's what happens to me too !!!...........Wish I could ride with sound like a lot of fun !!!! Have a Great Weekend....Cheers.....(smiling)

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