Why Titanium products are beneficial for humans and horses

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This week's blog is going to be based on titanium products and why they are extremely beneficial in human and equine health. Firstly, taking a look at human health, research and observation of the benefits of titanium has been discovered and proven in a variety of sources. One source in particular is an article written by Dr. Brett A. Taylor. He is an orthopaedic spine surgeon who deals with the surgical procedures to treat fractures, degenerative conditions, tumours and infections on adult spines. Through his research and practice, he has found that titanium offers an increased biocompatibility and a significant increased corrosion resistance. Being one of the newer utilized materials found in today's medicine, it is also proving to be beneficial in the MRI process. Here is a great link to see the uses and benefits of titanium in today's medicine 


Titanium also correlates to equine health and increased performance. Titanium products are becoming popular especially in bit technology. The advantages to titanium bits are thanks to the heat it produces, "its resistance to acid based elements in the horse's mouth, and its extreme biocompatibility." With steel bits weighing double compared to titanium bits, its lightness makes it very comfortable for your horse and soft for horses with sensitive mouths. As a number of scientific studies have shown, once a titanium bit is inserted in the horse's mouth, the horse produces an abundant amount of saliva and this has a consequent reaction that relaxes all the horse's neck muscles. This therefore creates a very gentle and more pleasant feel for your horses while under saddle.  An italian equipment company called Lorenzini is currently the best producer of equine titanium products. They specialize in bits and offer titanium bits in Loose Ring, Dee Ring, Pelham, Egg Butt, Full Cheek, Baucher, Pessoa, Bradoon and Weymouth models, with a choice of sizes and 5 mouthpieces in Natural, Pink or Blue colours. Dr. Brett Taylor is also an equestrian and has found a difference with the performance of his hunter jumper horse. He states that the titanium bits helped him with a challenging Dutch warmblood that was hard to collect and put in a frame. He experimented with a range of rubber, stainless steel, happy mouth, and bitless options but none have made a difference like the titanium bits have.   

A great link to their website showing their bits and more information can be found by clicking the link http://www.lorenzinititanio.it/en/titanium-bits.html 

Look at some of the cool colours Lorenzini bits come in

If you have anymore questions about titanium bits or Lorenzini bits, come into the store or leave your comments below. Baker's now carries a range of different titanium bits so come check them out. Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers and fellow barnmice bloggers. Baker's hopes everyone enjoys the long weekend with their family and friends. 

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Comment by Barbara F. on October 7, 2012 at 6:39pm

Very interesting information!

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