Home for the summer. Two years of school done, two years to go. It was a challenge riding this school year, but I managed to ride at least 6 days a week, often more than once a day! I volunteered with the local Riding for the Disabled association as an exersize rider. I got to ride some pretty cool ponies and even a clyde/mustang! I also took lessons on some pretty wild TBs, and ended up riding one two or three times a week on top of the ponies to keep it in shape while his owner is away in Europe. I came home on the weekends to ride my mare, Nikki, and we even managed to get out to some shows this spring too! I am so happy to be home and riding her everyday now. The barn chores are reminding me of all the work my mom does and how much she supports me. I am lucky to have so much support.
Today I took Nikki out for a gallop. It started off as just a conditioning trot ride, but the sun was out and an extended trot led itself into a beautiful canter and there we were having fun in the sun. A long walk to cool out and a shower with the hose left us both feeling healthy and refreshed. The fresh air and the room to move was our utopia. She stuck her neck out level and started blowing and snorting every stride in the gallop, sighing and happy and it felt like we could go forever. She is my escape, and I am hers. Two girls having fun in the sun. I hope I remember that feeling always. I am addicted to it I'm afraid!
Riding Cara, my sisters horse, is a different rush. I'll gallop her too, but she actually moves. As an ex-racehorse she knows how to kick into gear and MOVE. My childhood speed demon comes out on that horse, and we are hell on ground and spread like wildfire. Trying to get that horse to trot, on the other hand, is a battle that is hard to win. I haven't ridden Cara in months now. I'll admit, I love the relaxing feeling of the Nikki gallop a lot more than the rush of the Cara gallop.

P.S. Safety first. :)

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