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At 7:12pm on April 18, 2023, Erica Woodward said…

Sorry in advance if my message bothers you in any way,I have something very vital to disclose to you,please Contact me via email:

At 7:41pm on November 22, 2011, Gary Glaser said…


 I came across your page , and wanted to introduce myself and my hobby.

My name is Gary Glaser and I am the mounted commander of the 9th New York Cavalry and live in Binbrook, not to far from you . I belong to a group of equine enthusiasts that enjoy living historians and American civil war, we are the 9th NY cavalry.

The Ninth New York Cavalry has been reactivated by ain the portrayal of the life of the Federal Horse Soldier. As a group, we participate in living history encampments, re-enactments, and giving informative lectures throughout the year in both Ontario and the U.S.

Visit use on the web at .

If you have any interest in becoming involved in our group or just get together for a ride , do not hesitate to contact me at .

We are not a stable and are not associated with any stable.

Thank You

Gary Glaser

At 7:46am on November 20, 2010, Dorothy McDonall said…
My last official event as Toronto CADORA president takes places this evening ... the Hall of Fame banquet honouring Walter Zettl and Elizabeth Robinson. What a way to go out!

I've had a blast; learned a lot and met a lot of great people. Volunteer where you can, folks. It's very rewarding and our sport depends on it ...
At 9:31am on June 16, 2010, Frank de Greef said…
There is one publisher - Rozhanitsa in Kampen - very interested in publishing the translation, but I don’t know what their plans are yet. They have very recently published the new book by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, and they are working on the translation of Kathy Pike's new book Hope from the heart of horses, so maybe they want to wait a couple of months. I expect to hear from them this week. Tell your girlfriend in Den Bosch to check out the website of Rozhanitsa regularly:

At 6:29am on June 16, 2010, Frank de Greef said…
Thanks! In Dutch BTW is a very common, well-known abbreviation, it stands for "Belasting Toegevoegde Waarde," which roughly means Augmented Value Tax.
Is it usual to end an email with Cheerz!? I got emails from Chris Irwin that also ended with Cheerz, but I thought it meant he was drinking (alcohol) and wished I did the same…

Den Bosch is, indeed, a great (little) city!

At 10:16am on June 15, 2010, Frank de Greef said…
Hi Dorothy,

Yes, it was quite a task, translating Chris Irwin's "Dark Horse."

Who is BTW - who visited the city of 's-Hertogenbosch in Holland?

At 9:41pm on April 27, 2010, Steve said…
Thanks for the reponse Dorothy.
Yes I know Ennismoor as I had contacted them during my research for buying my dog. Nice photos of Sass and Abbey. Elegent looking girls. I know about the herding instinct of some of the herding dogs as I have an 11 year old sheltie named Otto ( I used to jog with him) who used to herd me and my kids at the cottage when they were all younger. Otto grew out of the herding stuff as I used to correct him. I'm still debating on which colour to choose as Irene, the breeder, is breeding two more litters later this spring which will most likely result in Merles and Mahogony sables. I like them all so I will most likely go for the best tempered puppy. I'm looking forward to it though I hope I'll be all right with such a big dog as I have always had smaller breeds but I love this breed. I knew of Cornerstone from years back when I was considering a collie but was reminded about them again the second time, last year, by seeing a beautiful Collie I saw down at that big Toronto dog fest thing they have downtown every year where the streets are closed off ...I forget the name of the event...anyways this lady had a most beautiful Blue collie named Neut and she told me that Irene Snow was the breeder so I contacted her again, but this time I gave her a deposit. I expect to get 2nd choice after Irene sometime later this summer! I see that you have bred Sass. Do you plan more Dorothy?
Thanks for your response Dorothy.
Talk to you later.
At 10:31pm on April 24, 2010, Steve said…
Hi Dorothy: my name is Stephen Sharf. I am Barbara Foglers cousin and we were just out for dinner together and Barb had mentioned your collies. I have a sheltie who is 11 and I have just ordered a collie that will be delivered later this summer from a litter at Cornerstone collies (Irene Snow) Do you know of them and how do you like your collies? Let me know.
At 7:53am on April 19, 2010, Alison Plumbtree said…
Thanks for the nice welcome! Driving is a lot of should give it a try if you get the chance!
At 6:22pm on April 18, 2010, Holly Anne Thompson said…
At 4:48pm on April 16, 2010, Holly Anne Thompson said…
i do !!!!!!!!!!!!!
could you tell a little about yourself!!!!
At 8:48am on April 6, 2010, Cary Andrew Penny said…
Thanks for commenting on my pics Dorothy. If I ever put a calender together I'll let you know. Cheers, Cary
At 9:14pm on March 31, 2010, Donnie said…
Hi Bear, those humans make it so difficult! You need to sign up with your own new email address or your human can join as your proxy and you can take it from there!
At 12:18pm on March 31, 2010, Donnie said…
Hi Bear,
I hope you'll join my new Barnmice group "The Horse Club". No humans allowed!
Donnie Fogler
At 9:10am on March 30, 2010, Tania Sendel said…
Thank you!
At 12:21pm on March 25, 2010, Audrey O'Handley said…
I agree! Horses give back to us in so many ways. As you said, they teach us to rise to the challenge and move forward. I couldn't live without them in my daily life for that very reason. I also involved my daughter from day one in order to establish wonderful life lessons, not just for "riding" :)
At 9:55am on March 25, 2010, Audrey O'Handley said…
Hi Dorothy,

I read your profile and am already dying to meet you and Shakespeare :) Sounds like you have a love of life that is contagious!!

At 9:45am on March 25, 2010, Benjamin Keevil said…
Thanks Dorothy, I already learned from the CADORA Barnmice group that the Phoenix Tipperary Event Vest is one of the safest and most comfortable protection vests and I have only been a member for 5 minutes!

On Mar 20, I went to the show in London, Ontario --- saw Cindy Ishoy ride, Susan Harris and the Visible Horse, and Lauren Bode communicate with three of the horses from the Canadian Cowgirls. Looking forward to attending some CADORA events this summer. Benjamin
At 4:32pm on March 17, 2010, Kelly Reid said…
At 1:26pm on March 13, 2010, deb said…
thanks for welcome.horses are my passion and i'm hoping to compete again this year at palgrave but in first level . had fun last year doing training level.

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