I would like to know what calming supplements, commercial or otherwise, people are using with success in nervous or "hot" sport horses (preferably competition legal). I have never tried anything calmative, but I know that there are lots of products out there. What do you think actually works?

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I occasionally use a paste containing tryptophan, B vitamins, magnesium and amino acids, which seems to work quite well. It doesn't make them dull, it just helps to achieve a better frame of mind. Some horses (and riders, too) stress more, and in doing so deplete the body's reserves - magnesium and Vit B especially. These substances are all competition legal.
Hi! I use to work for Cavalor and both of their products: Cavalor Zen (Calm) Cavalor Take it Easy are working well. I also know that the Chill from Omega Alpha is working well. All these products are non testing...


I use Thiamine. I give him a couple of CC's 30 minutes before entering the ring. It helps a little. You can get it from your vet.
Is thiamin the same as B1? I think it is.
I am having very good success using Quiessence from Foxden Labs. It is a daily pelleted Magnisium supplement that helps my dressage horse stay focused and calm. He tends to be somewhat nervous and fidgity by nature and is known as the "poster child for gastric ulcers" by my vet. Using Quiessence has made all the difference in the world. No gastic issues, a calmer more focused horse, not nearly as spooky or distracted even at weekend shows stabling at show grounds. He is still animated and personable just a more relaxed version of himself. The best product I have used in a long while. It is available at most tack shops and at smartpack. You should always talk with your vet tho before you begin giving anything new. Be sure to follow the instructions as a loading dose is required.
I have seen Perfect Prep work miracles on nervous show horses and assume it is legal because these were all 'A' shows I was at.
B1 crumbles or powder.
It's simply Thiamine and it is legal.
Works great and takes the 'edge' off a hot or nervous horse.
Keep in mind that it lasts for 2 - 3 hours so if you feed it in the morning it will be gone if you are riding at noon. Feed it at an appropriate time!
The human form works great for nervous riders too!!!!
We have used Rescue Remedy (Bauch Flower) that you can buy at a Health Food Store. It's drops and we put it on pur palms and then rub it on Faunnas lips. You could also drop it into their feed.
We use it ourselves to calm our nerves!)
Laurie (Annie's mom)
I have had really good results with Equifeast, which has magnesium & B Vits. As wanderer said, the horse isn't calmer (I like them hot!) but is more trainable. She has also stopped weaving since being on it & travels on the lorry better.

Another product which a lot of people are talking about in the UK is Oxyshot - which as the name implies, is oxygen. I don't see how it could work but some people swear by it.

A friend with a particularly nutty dressage horse (think vertical rears in the ring!) has been feeding Horlicks (do you have this in the States? it's a malt based drink mixed with hot milk & often drunk at bed time) & getting results - at a couple of pounds a tub it is certainly cheaper than most calming supplements!


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