Ok, here is my very own "cheap and cheerful" version of an expensive product on the market that removes manure stains...

1 bottle of rubbing alcohol
1 bottle of water
1/8 cup of GREEN Palmolive Dish Soap
(HAS to be the GREEN one!!!!)
Mix in a spray container
Spray on the manure stain spot then wipe with a damp well wrung out sponge. Rinse sponge clean and wipe again.
The stain should come right out. If it is REALLY bad you might need to apply the remover once more.
I made up this recipe after
guessing what was in an expensive store product and we used this on two pure white geldings for years before their shows - it worked like magic!
You must rinse your sponges nice and clean as you go though, a dirty sponge on a white spot will leave a yellow tinge!!

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I am not sure of the extact size but they are pretty much all the same in the store.
It is not a spray 'conditioner' but a spray 'container' to put all the ingredients in!
I will definitely add this to my weaponry when dealing with our greys!

I've also had success with the water/alcohol combination with a couple of drops of laundry blueing added. Shake well, spray and sponge as necessary.

We make it a practice after bathing our greys before competition to cover the whole horse, with the exception of the saddle patch and mane, with a light mist of Show Sheen or Lazer Sheen (cover eyes, and spray the product on the towel to apply to the face and ears). This stops manure stains from setting, and they can usually be hosed off or sponged off with plain water. I saturate grey and white tails with Show Sheen every day of a show, making it easy to maintain that wonderful white. Blueing shampoos work really well for removing yellow stains if they are set.
If you are riding 'hunter/jumper' be careful of applying show sheen to the neck area, it can make a crest release a pretty exciting exercise! LOL!
Jeez - I never thought of that, Linda - it's been a very long time since I've ridden hunters and jumpers, but it's a really good point! Of course I avoid the mane as I have to braid it every day (sometimes several times per day), but I never thought about the neck and crest releases.

Live and learn!

Thanks, Jan
Linda, I will have to try your recipe for my mare Cloud. Thanks so much. I forgot how hard grey horses were to keep clean, but it all came back to me when I got Cloud last month, lol.

Can I share this with the grooms on our site? We are always looking for good tips.


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