I haven't competed in reining for a number of years but I still remember the thrill of the sport. Some of the horses and people are amazing and it would be great to hear from some of them. The reiners I know are quiet sensitive people and have some awesome riding and training techniques. I also know they can be very humble and shy to share. So I encourage them to come on board and join us.

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I agee with you that reining is exciting. I have just completed an intense 4 week course with Josh Lyons that focused on reining fundamentals. Who knows, maybe I will show my guy once we get all these lessons learned!
Good job!! I encourage you to continue and enjoy, it is so much fun and "reiners" are friendly folk who ride some fantastic horses. I had a blast when I was showing at one point I wanted to be a reining judge, but am a scribe instead. I enjoy sitting with the judges and hearing their comments and helping them stay on track. Reining is great because you aren't competing against anyone but yourself. I won a class against some really good horses and riders simply because my horse was on top of his game that day. From the look of your picture you have a great start.
Hi Cindy i just made a group for reiners . I hope you join it !!!!
I'm a reiner !!!!
Welcome Laurence! Where do you ride? What level are you at? Good picture by the way!
Way to go Kim!!!! Remember you will need your horses to be soft and sensitive to your aids. Also try not to rush them, some of the maneuvers can be confusing to them as well as you. Break the maneuvers into small pieces and teach the small pieces till they get it, then put the pieces together, this may sound time consuming but if you are patient it really doesn't take that long especially with horses already trained. Once your horses grasp the idea of doing all their riding on a lose rein with subtle aids from you, they will have gotten it. Good luck, let me know how you do and you can bounce any ideas off me if you wish. I like helping out.
It will be okay....Kim....just don't be in a hurry, reining is all about hanging out waiting and then run like heck for 4 minutes doing all kinds of unnatural moves. For example the spin is not a natural movement for the horse to do. Yes, they can do a spin (one, maybe two) but 4 consecutive spins can cause dizziness in horses and people. So, to overcome this you must start with 1/4, then 1/2, then 3/4, and gradually work up to where you can add speed to the whole maneuver, with very little contact. I have softening exercises of the neck and poll I use to teach the horse to trust my hands. Also, body softening to get the head down and level carrying their own body rounding out there backs and working off the hind quarters, and not depending on my hands, becoming heavy on the forehand. This should sound familiar to you in some ways from your experience with dressage. I don't know much about polo and the training of a polo pony, from what I see on the ground they seem to be very up headed and tight reined, is that correct?
Yey!!!! Can't wait to hear and see what you have and have done with the pattern :-)
I would love to learn your softening exercises....
I'm gonna start soon with riding my 4 year old and i want him to be super soft... I intend to go real slow... he actually thinks... I see him do it... and he is so awesome when he understands.... I'm looking forward to learning and practicing with him.. for fun, that's it.
reiners ROCK!! i have reiners and dressage and jumpers love them all one on one sport
I am new and would love to start reining with my older mare, unfortunatly I can't find a coach that could help me get the fundamentals..anyone know of one that is around Edmonton-Spruce grove-Stony plain-Duffield area?


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