I haven't competed in reining for a number of years but I still remember the thrill of the sport. Some of the horses and people are amazing and it would be great to hear from some of them. The reiners I know are quiet sensitive people and have some awesome riding and training techniques. I also know they can be very humble and shy to share. So I encourage them to come on board and join us.

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I was self taught. Reining is just a series of patterns made fun. Work slow on it like the rolling stop and the half turn may take a while work on the ground first. If you can get that part down then the rest will be easier. My gelding I use came with the rolling stop. If you get your horse the right boots (if you want to use them) and get the stop the rest will be easy to learn. I had a hard time getting my gelding to just stop not slow down.

Sorry the terms may not be right. I am from the U.S. and they change all the words. We also have a class called "Texas Roll Back" specifically for the reiners.
talk to Colleen at Nightwind Arabians shes really good for helping people
I love reining. Although they frowned on my grade horse for beating all the registered pure breds. My grade horse is registered now but then he wasn't. He is amazing to ride in reining and cutting.
Good for you LaShauna! For riding your grade gelding and showing them how it's done. I rode a registered morgan gelding, when I was reining, we were frowned upon as well. But we persisted, he was awesome a true showman and a winner. I love reining too and even though I don't compete anymore I still keep my hand in as a judge , scribe or a coach. I also enjoy riding the patterns in the bleachers and hollering like crazy for a great ride. You say 'rolling stop' I'm canadian and we say 'sliding stop'. Whatever eh? Means the same thing. I was also self taught, it was hard for awhile but once my horse got the hang of what I wanted he loved the game. He is now retired from competition at 25 yrs. He teaches beginner riders and heals all sorts of people of their fears around horses.
We are reiners!! Actually my husband is a trainer, I've shown WP and HUS all my life but this year, I'm joining him in reining. It is definitely a challenge but I really enjoy the change. I will be showing our stallion who competed in reining a few years ago. He's been very patient with me learning the proper queues.
That's the beauty of a made horse they teach you the ropes! How long have you guys been involved in reining?
Hey, I have never competed in reining but i ride a horse that could kick some ass in reining, I hope to compete in it this fair.
I just started doing reining with my 12 year old Arab mare because my trainer who loves reining encouraged me to try it. I was just doing Western Pleasure and Trail. She loves Trail Class but is not too happy doing the WP. Once we started practicing reining, I found she really liked the change. I enjoy it as well!
That is awesome Adrienne!! Keep up the good work! I agree reining makes a nice change for rider and horse and I can certainly understand why your horse doesn't like WP. Some horses get very bored with it, my gelding did and that is one of the reasons I tried reining to give him something else to think about. He loved it too and it even made him better in the WP classes. The extra finesse you put on your horse training for reining works well in the WP and Trail classes. Some people Drive and Rein, not at the same time of course, but one helps balance the other as far as quiet and fast.
I have a nice little mare that I started under saddle at 2 years old. I've been working on her for quite some time using Andrea Fappani's videos. She's actually quite talented and smart. Here's her pedigree (and a pic) :Lilo Peppy Lynx The picture doesn't do her justice. She's had the last 3 months off living in a pasture as I'm recuperating from a broken humerus.
Hey Desirea sorry to hear about your break. Unfortunately I didn't get to see your horses picture but her pedigree is wonderful she has some talented, winning ancesters. You should do well in competition provided you learn along with the mare. Maybe consider hiring a trainer/coach who believes in the same methods you do, just so you have "eyes" on the ground or you could have someone video tape you so you can look later to see what you need to fix. Good luck to you and I hope you heal soon. How did you break your humerus?
I'm seriously considering getting a video camera. The Fappani videos have helped. I used to gallop/break racehorses for about 10 years before leaving that behind & becoming a computer programmer (pays better LOL). the only qualified person with eyes is a jumper trainer. While she was teaching me to jump my daughter's horse, reining is not her thing. Perhaps I can post some videos here when I get a video camera and you can all make suggestions.

Lilo's stops were progressing well. I had been using some dressage along with the Fappani stuff. She was progressing well until I broke my arm. Now she's pretty fat. I'm just now getting back on her. We're doing a lot of trot work to shave off the extra pounds. The current heat wave isn't helping either of us.

The humerus bone break happened on my 3rd day getting up on my new 3 year old tb. I got her because I want to try Dressage and some jumping too but didn't want to pay the huge warmblood pricetag for a weanling which is what I could afford. It was totally my fault for not listening to my inner voice saying "Go back to the roundpen, she's not listening to you.". 5th jump and she had me. I'm going back to square one with her. She needs some serious despooking and I need to make a mental connection with her to build up some trust.


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