I have been thinking about trying TTEAM (Tellington Touch) with my horse, but there are no practitioners anywhere near where I live so before I commit myself, I wondered if anyone had any stories to tell about it?

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Obviously not ... Guess I'll have to do more research then!
TEAM is easy to learn on your own. or you can attend one of their training sessions You can buy the books, videos, equipment from the website. I have been doing TEAM for years. It is very unconventional and will appear"weird" to onlookers who are unfamilair with this system. Currently I am using it on my new gelding that I am breaking. He seems to be very wary of doors and things going on behind him causing him to buck and take off(and dump me off in the process). Using the TEAM methods he now just does little spooks (a couple of steps) and looks to me for what he should do next. He is much calmer and more coordinated now. He stands quietly in cross ties and is quiet to ride!
TEAM has many uses in training and for pets as well.

Where do you live? I might be able to connect you with a nearby practitioner.
There are many books and videos you can get from the website to help. Also, there are free videos on YouTube for starters. We have a dedicated YouTube channel under development: . If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.
Kim Carneal
Many thanks for your replies, Kim and Queenrider.
I live in the UK and as far as I'm aware the nearest practitioner will be well over a couple of hundred miles away from me. I've looked at the website so if the practitioner list is up to date, then I'm sure there isn't anyone local to me.
I'm just interested in investigating different tools I can put in my tool kit that might help my horse be a little happier in the company of humans. I've been down a long, rocky road of (self) discovery and dis-illusionment (in the real sense of having my eyes opened to reality instead of living in an illusion, or even a delusion) with this horse and I'm learning to trust my instincts to tell me what feels right.
There are a lot of people out there who will give advice or offer to 'help fix things', but I'm wary of people who sell 'methods', 'equipment' and a 'one best way' approach to anything in life, and especially so when it comes to horses. I like what I've seen and heard about Linda Tellington-Jones and I'm curious to know more.

I think YouTube sounds like a very good place to start the latest leg of my journey of discovery!

Many thanks again

i am in the Uk, I have found a number of people who have done the courses but are not practitioners. One gave me loads of help with one of my horses. her new book is brilliant, you can do a lot just using this!
I too have wondered about it...and I'm sure for some people it works ( and in the end I guess it is a matter of "whatever works for you) but to my mind and for my temperment I KNOW it is too "Fiddley..too Touchy Feely" and I have no patience for that kinda stuff. I find Chris Irwins methods much more clear and " immediate " ..I think that, for me is the key word.....magic sticks and lead shanks and the rest of the "stuff" just seems weird. Working in the mazes and such....that makes sense...anything that is ground work can only be useful but the Touchy Feely...I don't get....or am I missing something in this method ?....Good to discuss things !!!
Hi Ann
Thanks for your reply - it made me laugh, too... "Touchy feely" has its place I'm sure! But as you say each to their own! I'm not averse to 'touchy feely' in the right context, and I guess there is a lot that goes on at a very subtle level we can't see. Problem is we sometimes even miss the things that are going on right under our noses! Magic sticks (wands?) sounds intriguing!
As an aside, I once got seduced into buying something that claimed to be an amazing extension of my arm to help in sending my energy to my horse - but it was too darn heavy to lift up. Now I have a really nice 'magic wand' - otherwise known as a schooling or dressage whip and it seems to do the same job only I can actually lift it! ;-)
I use Chris Irwin's methods already and have been totally blown away by what he has taught me. Anything I do now is about complementing that, and not replacing it. Sounds like I need to do more digging.

Many thanks for your thoughts.

......Yup...the search goes on , I guess that's why it takes a lifetime....and then some !!!! But what a way to pass the time...with good folks and our much loved horses !!!
I have used the TTEAM touch with a past horse that was very spooky, and untrusting when i first purchased him. I learned from Linda's book and and her newsletters. It was very successful and helped me connect with my new horse at that time. Because of her methods i had a lot more control of my horse on the ground and under saddle. I still use some of her touch's with my new horse. Someone else i recommend is John Lyon's!
I love his quiet, calm and assertive methods. I now incorporate the two methods together; more tools in my tool box!!! You can subscribe to his monthly magazine, which has wonderful and useful articles.
Good luck and hope this helps a little. Janet
Many thanks Janet - I have heard very little of John Lyons but I will look him up.


I knew someone that had a book on it...I have tried it a bit with a mare I have and a stallion....doing the little circles on the neck to help calm....it does seem to relax them so I have to say with what I've tried I have had success. I can't really comment any further than that...I've never had an "expert" come out and do it with my horse...the book was very helpful and gave great instruction.
Thanks Kerri - that is really useful. It's good to get a personal perspective and I'm glad it worked for you. If the book is easy to use and work from, then that may be the way to go before I commit to getting someone out.


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