Hi everyone :)

Was wondering if you could possibly critique my horse's conformation?
I am trying to see his bad points and good points, but need a little guidance as to whether they are correct! :P I think he is weak in his second thigh (try saying that with a lisp!!) and is slightly straight of ideal behind... what do you think?
Feel free to rip him apart, as the more I know that is weak the more I can orientate his workload to improve the weak parts!

Sooo, he is my boy - he is 8 and events. Has an awsome jump but can be lazy!
what do you think? good points, bad points?
(oh and have incuded a jump photo so you can see his jump! :P feel free to critque me as well, although I know I am far from good!)



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He is a nice horse.
Forehand faults--Somewhat thick through the throatlatch. Light bone (cannon) below the knee. Long steep front pasterns.
Hindquarter faults--The hind leg is slightly overangulated. The gaskins look adequately muscled.
It would help you to work on stabilizing the position of your lower leg. In the picture it looks like you may be digging in the spur a little.
I hope this helps.
thank you for replying :)
Being thick through the throatlacth, that means that he would find it more difficult to flex correctly?
He is just under 8 inches of bone, but is inbetween riding horse and LW hunter showing classes.
Will work on lower leg, that is an ongoing process!
Thanks :)
His throatlatch looks better in the action photos, but I am still getting a feeling of blockage somewhere in that area. Just be patient as you ask for flexions.
As I said before this is a nice horse, I would not mind working with him at all.
ok, thank you :)

I will remember to let him stretch and relax before asking for flexion, as then that may help him.
Hi Onlyme, I don't think there are to many conformation 'problems' with this horse. He has a super style over the jumps!! You've done a great job on this horse, getting him to 1* is a big deal. How long have you been in 1*? What I always say is "If it aint broke dont fix it", so more of the same ,don't change what you're doing . Consider staying in that grade for a while as it is a big step to 2* , you and the horse can learn the craft 1* and then be top notch when you do go up. Have you any pics of him in the dressage? Cheers Geoffrey
Thanks for replying :)

His style is also one of our bigger problems, because we tend to spend too long in the air which creates time faults :P
We have been at 1* level for a year now, I hope to move up to intermediate at some point next year but depends on how we go really :) Thanks, I've had him since he was 5 and was my first horse!
Here he is in dressage, i do use a dressage saddle, but for various reasons i used the jumping saddle at this competition as there is a lot of atmosphere and i wanted a little more security!!

good technique is never a problem, all you have to do is take shorter lines to the jumps .. he looks super in the dressage!! I wouldn't be worrying about the throatlatch, from the pics you've shown there is nothing in it to give reason for concern.
I don't have much time now, but I could tell you a lot more later today, so I might comment again. He has a very steep and long slope from his croup to his dock, which usually means a shortened gait but lots of power. thick throatlatch, that combined with the slight ewe neck will make it slightly difficult for flexion. he' got a relatively straight profile, with maybe a very subtle moose nose, which just means he's a bit sensitive. The short back is nice. he seems really nice through the middle, the whithers and loins are level. Do you have a picture of him from the front? That way I could see his face and legs better, it could tell me something entirely different.


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