I keep my QH gelding barefoot and we do some light arena work and trail riding. The ground is fairly rocky where we ride and although he has never been lame he is ouchy on really rocky ground. I am thinking of buying a pair of boots for him but not sure what kind to buy, Has anyone tried the Cavallo Simple Boots?

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Old mac makes great ones...
I know someone who swears by the Cavallo for trail riding . . . they even helped correct a rotation in his leg. I hear they are great for trail riding though and they don't come off in the mud. Also they have holes for breathing which is very important for water to drain out and prevent the hoof from becoming overheated. When I tried them on my horse - I didn't like the way they fit around the pasterns. But my horse was going to be using the boots in a stall so I was worried about him getting sawdust and stuff inside.
There's so many brands of boots around these days and which is the best depends on who you talk to, and what your intended purpose for the boots are. Boots were originally designed as therapeutic boots for horses with founder and hoof conditions and injuries, and some boots are better suited only for this purpose.

I've used easy boots some years ago, I always found them a pain to to put on. Old Macs G2 are good performance boot and popular, although easier to apply than easy boots, they're still a bit too much fumbling around.

For ease of application Cavallo Simple Boots are probably the easiest. As Cindy mentioned I also agree their only real weak point is how they fit around the pastern which has the potential of rubbing and causing irritations, but they make a pastern wrap which are designed to add additional protection to the Simple Boot. The warps aren't very expensive and if you decide to buy the Simple Boots I'd highly recommend getting the wraps as well.

With any boot, proper sizing when ordering is real important, and some brands of boots are better suited for different hoof shapes. Most boots aren't really suitable for horses with high heels and long toes, typical with many gaited breeds.

For your purpose of occasional trial riding, probably the Cavallo Simple Boots would be your best bet. Just keep in mind that boots are really a temporary solution and not meant for long all day rides, they are fine short rides under 4 hours at a time, and never leave them on for days at a time, always remove them when your done riding.
I haven't competed in a while but I keep in contact with friends that still ride. My vet swears by Renegade boots. She was never into the natural trim and always put shoes on until she talked the guy who did the natural trim into making these boots. If you're interested, I can get the site url for you. My vet does multi-day rides now and another lady that I know who has been doing endurance and places in best condition too uses them now.
I have heard the Renegade Boots are really good. Are you talking about Julie Green. I think she uses them for her long 100 mile rides. Gail Morse
I have used both the Old Macs G2 and Cavallo boots and like both, but for different purposes. I prefer the Old Macs for trail. They have never come off even in really muddy conditions. I prefer the Cavallo boots for schooling and for jumping as they don't buckle across the back like the Old Macs. My mare would often clip the backs of the Old Macs when doing extended trot and other flat work as she has a tendency to over-reach. The Cavallo boots are extremely easy to put on and take off. Their pastern wraps are easier too. My mare has not had shoes for more than 3 years. She has fairly soft feet and was continually pulling shoes. Her ferrier has commented on the improvement in her feet since switching to boots. Whichever brand you choose, buy the pastern wraps. They eliminate the risk of chaffing and debris getting caught between the boot and the horses skin. The boots (both brands) generally last me about a year of heavy use. She wears boots everytime we ride, with the exception of winter trail riding when the snow pack provides softer footing.

I also used the boots when she had an abcess a couple of years ago. I was able to pack her foot, put the boots on and turn her out (she gets very cranky when confined to the stall). Of course I was treating her foot twice daily so it was supervised use.

New to the site, but can definitely recommend Hoof Wings, very different from other boots on the market and delivery a bit slow as made individually in US check out their website.


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