who is Karia Hurst it seems there is nothing on her

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Yeah--I got a message saying Karia Hurst left a comment on my profile, but there was nothing. And there is no page for this person. It's a fake identity. I think someone has hacked the site.
thanks good to know, because we all got the same message with no information on her, thanks for replying diane
RE; KARIA HURST...Yup...I got a message too..but nothing there..I thought perhaps our little site was misbehaving....thank for the heads up.....
How about hacking in the woods rather than hacking a site - a lot more fun!
Just another looney on the lose. Sad for her. Thanks for the update.
Hi Everyone,

Yes that person was a spammer and was quickly banned.

Our team keeps a very close watch on our community, but every now and then (mostly overnight) a spammer sneaks in and tries to sell everybody a cell phone.

So sorry for any inconvenience and I hope you all have a great weekend!

p.s. Thanks Michelle for your kind words. Barnmice members are AWESOME too and I truly believe we have the best group of people on the net!!!
I just got an email today, 3/28/09, that she had left a comment for me, but there was none. If she's hacked into Barnmice, has there been any other results of her hacking (i.e. identity theft or other problems?)
no on my part just stated that she had left a comment. I think she tried just to play around and maybe see what could be done on Barmice, but was stopped by the adm
Hi Emmy - no worries.
She just signed in as a member and started posting links to a cell phone site. Every now and then, we do get spammers trying to sell stuff to our members, but they are banned within a few hours. Sometimes within a few minutes.
Security here is extremely tight and Barnmice is one of the most closely monitored sites around.
Have a great weekend!
Yes, thank you, Admins. I don't need any more spam. It's time to ride, not time to filter through unwanted garbage.
Thanks to Barnmice Admin., the Hurst person got kicked - yippee!!
Is there anyone she didn't hit?? lol my congrats to barnmice admin as well, great job being so quick and on the ball with that one!!!


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