i am looking for a new/used dressage saddle for 2 large thoroughbreds..... suggestions what you like and dont like.... my albin orginal comfort doesnt fit them or me it turns out,,,, love stubbens but find they dont fit tbreds well..... someone suggested Wintec isabell- looking for reviews please

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Hi, Kelly:

In my experience Passier saddles fit most horses well, and certainly fit most TB's well. Unless there's something weird about your horses' backs Passiers should work for you. I've found that Stubbens don't fit most horses very well - I have a very old Excalibur which was customized in Europe, and it fits most everyone, but my luck with Stubbens has been a bust so far, for WB's and TB's.

I do have clients riding in the Wintec Isabell (both leather and faux) and their reviews are mixed. Some people love them, and others hate them. I haven't had occasion to ride in one myself, so I don't know from my own perspective. I think that unless you have a reasonably long thigh they are not likely to fit you, but they might fit your horses.

Who told you your Albion doesn't fit you or your horses? It's not impossible, I see poor saddle fit everywhere I teach (Western Canada), but I've also been made aware of a LOT of very poor advice regarding saddles and saddle fitting - perhaps you should bounce your issues with the Albion off Jochen Schleese, who has a blog on this site?
I do not feel comfortable riding in the albion... it fit my older horse quite well but he is retired and he is quite a bit wider than the present 2 t breds. I had it fit to that horse but as i said never felt comfortable in it. I used a professional fitter for that saddle but am waiting a reply back from him. I love stubeen they fit me perfectly and i like the ride but these too have really high withers so i find most stubbies dont fit that,.. thanks for your input. DO you have any opinions on a legend saddle
Hi, Kelly:

I do, but it's some time ago. They used to fit TB's well, not so much with the WB's, which is maybe why I don't see them here in the West much anymore.

If you don't feel comfortable riding in the Albion it for sure doesn't fit somebody, and that might be both you and your horses! Give the Legend a try...


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