Have a dilemma with my gorgeous dapple grey TB with black legs, mane and tail. His mane is terrific, long and thick, so beautiful. Some day I would love to show him, but know hunter/jumpers just don't look like my guy. Are long manes ever permitted? I've been told I can sit on him and braid it down the middle, have never tried. Is anyone in this situation with advice?  Lark

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And I think your horses need their manes up there!!!
they do!!! or at least hoods. I have a new horse and he is bald (someone decided to leave his show extensions in and he rubbed them out along with his forlock) so he gets a full body suit when it gets too cold.

Oh and I wanted to let you know, if you want to show, don't give a **** about what the stereotype is, the judges will not dismiss you from performing because you have a less popular braid in their mane..
How about trying some open shows, where there is the openjumping classes, and flat..maybe that will just be enough showing for you.
well I never have cared too much about what others think, but I really also don't want to ruffle too many feathers. We have a great farm in Venice, Fox Lea, with schooling shows just an hour from here. I don't know that much about showing but will check with my instructor and see if maybe they would not put me and my horse in jail there for a mane and of course I/m going to learn how to braid in the most inoffensive way. I actually read an article not long ago in a major horse mag (cannot find now) that addressed this same issue. I need to find that and read it again.
I third (fourth?) a running braid if you decided to show and don't wish to pull or shorten your horse's mane. Just practice, practice, practice it until you can do it neatly and it's unlikely to become undone. You may lose a point or two from some stickler judges but most consider ANY braid better than no braid.
so I have something to do this weekend!!
So do you think in canada, a running braid is acceptable for the hunter ring? I have never seen anything but hunter braids and I am not sure if this is regulation or just the norm and no one has ever questioned it. I know the hunter world is a bit ..pretentious i guess you could say when it comes to appearances lol
nope. I've seen it myself. There is nothing wrong with a running braid, or the scalloped..Hunter is picky..I would check the rule book, nothing I researched on mentioned it being "illegal" for someone not to do a hunter braid, so that is why I am sticking with it probably being fine.

Showing is a pretentious sport ingeneral..alot of people who do not want to deal with the "pickiness" of some sports go to 3 day eventing, where they can have different braids, still do jumping, and people are more accepting of others ideals.

I show, and my opinion I follow the norm in some aspects, and my own ideas in others. I follow the rules and regulations in attire, and then do what I want with the rest. I ask my coach for advise, and with that information make up my show attire.
I have taken my pony who has a long mane to small club shows. I french braided him for that. I'd like to think at a schooling level, you could french braid it down the centre. Aslong as the braid is neat and tight, I don't see why it would be a problem .
One more thing, you do not have to sit on him to braid down the centre, you cna do it down the side aswell.
What level do you plan on going?
Happy riding and showing!

well last season i just did club shows and i found a list of rules and i know its fine for that but i was hoping to get back into challenge/trillium now trillium i know is more picky.
and she has showed for about 4 years now and normally has a short main but its growing out now and i love it lol i really dont want to and if its not aloud at those levels unfortunately ill be sticking to the club shows!
I have had this discussion with judges. They allow long manes in jumpers, but not hunters. The argument I was given is that it is a sign of respect to honor the tradition. Most will permit a single braid, but you will be docked points. I'm on your side, I never could hack off a great mane.


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