Hi folks. I am a Newbie and an Artist and always searching for beautiful horses to put down for posterity. I have posted an example of some of my work on my page. and would love to share my web site with anyone interested in the Animal section to take a stroll with me and visit my world of Art. www.marleysrainbowartstudio.com

I am known to my friends as Scoot or Marley. Howdy to you'all.. so pleased to join you on Barn.mice.

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Beautiful work! How much do you usually charge to paint someone's horse for them, if you don't mind me asking.
Hi IrishRider, I am not sure if you received my reply??? You can write me at my regular e mail and I can answer your inquiry, it depends on size of canvas, head portrait, or total body. Just whatever you like best.
i enjoyed viewing your website! i have always adored your horses..~wink~
Your horses are absolutely astounding , thank you for the compliment..
I love your use of light in "Sunny", fabulous!
Thank you very much Michelle ....I appreciate it. Sunny and Sassy are my favorite paintings,


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