This is a newborn offspring of Taskin, Gypsy Stallion owned by Villa Vanners that was born on April 6/09. the photos were taken immediately after the birth.
I came across them and wanted to share them, because they are so precious!

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Very precious. Framable
That is sooo sweet.....makes me tearfull.
well, that certainly made my day!!!
There so cute!!!!~._=/>
Thanks for sharing these photos. They are indeed precious
how cute im new to this and wanted 2 say hi anyway i love these pictures they are so cute and make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. lol
These are absolutely beautiful. I witness so much animal abuse and injury that to see this in the middle of it all is a gift. KIndest Regards, Melanie Fiske
What wonderful pictures, it is so cute to see how baby wants to be cuddled and mama is okay with it. What a good mama, what a display of good, kind temperament. I don't know much about Gypsy Vanners but after seeing this would sure like one.
Thats so cute! I've never seen or herd of a mare cuddling its foal. So Cute. Looks like the foal has an excelent Mother. AWWW.
I absolutely love these pictures. They are wonderful. Thanks for sharing these with us.

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