Someone made a comment to me the other day regarding the number of saddle pads I own. When I stop to think about it, I must own at least 15 different saddle pads -- two sheepskin dressage pads (one black; one white); two white dressage show pads; my baroque pad in black and gold; three other dressage pads in varying colours; and then about six pads for my flat/jumping saddle. Yup ... that's about 15 ... for one horse ... yikes! And for most of those I even have matching polo wraps! :-0

So, what about you? If saddle pads aren't your weakness, which piece of equipment in your tack collection just seems to duplicate itself beyond your comprehension? There's probably something ... ;-)

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I have 1 pad, but I love collecting colorful blankets :)
i have 10 saddle blankets and 4 ridable horses
1 horse

2 saddles (1 all purpose for PC and 1 half breed for the western)
2 western saddle blankets - one light, one heavy (when its summer, its hot here)
1 saddle pad for the all purpose
2 bridles.

When you wanna do two style of riding, unfortunatly have to have two different sets of tack. But thats ok- i love cleaning the stuff =)
I dont OWN my own horse, I lease 2.

Each horse has their own everything and each one has a specific color. And they can't really share things as one is 17hh and the other is 13.3hh :P

I have about 5 saddle pads for each horse.

Each horse has 3 different bits. (or more)

They all have a show cooler, schooling cooler, rain sheet, stable blanket, heavy weight turnout, med. weight turnout.

each one has 4 different kinds of boots.

Also each horse has about 2-3 bridles.

Now, I don't even own them.
Oh my you guys... I think some us here have O.C.E.A.N. syndrome! I actually can't count in my head how my saddle pads I have in both English and Western! BUT I know I do have 4 brand new ones - unused at the moment in my tack room. And sadly I was thinking of buying more at the Greenhawk Warehouse Sale this weekend, lol.
PS: don't tell my hubby...
I'm now thinking we should start a SPA group -- "Saddle Pads Anonymous" ... ;-)
I just got a new dressage pad at the Del Mar Horse show in Del Mar, California (just outside of San Diego). It's black with some custom lettering and a draft dressage outline on it. Too Cool... That would be number 4 but I can already tell that this could be the start of something big......
Thanks for starting this thread..I AM NOT ALONE !!! I currently have ONE horse and 26 pads. Some are for jumping, some are for dressage, some are show pads, some she won, so are special, some with pockets for hacking out and some can't be used in shedding season[now], because the hair sticks and so on. I also have a bit of a blanket "thing", and she has several weight of coolers, several sheets, rain sheets and 4 different weight turnouts for our admittedly bizzare weather here. [ Newfoundland...island off the east coast of Canada ]
We have limited tack shops here, much of what we get is mail ordered in, so you get stuck with things that aren't what you'd hoped. Does that sound good? Am I doing well on Denial? Just bought ANOTHER pad. It is velourish with nice quilting in a lovely bronzey colour that matches Madi's chocolate coat well...sigh...confession is good for the soul.
Your secret is safe with us ... ;-)
Last summer I decided it was about time to take everything apart and unpack trunks, boxes, unfold blankets, pads etc, take everything off of the walls that has been hanging there sinc before I was born...well not really but it has been there a long I openend boxes that I had forgotten I even owned, I had a barrel full of "stuff" saddles piled on top of one another, bridles, halters, bits, reins, pads, and on and on and on.
So I washed, and hosed down, and dusted off and threw away the unrevivables. I am not sure of the exact count now, but I can give you ball park figure.. I probably have a dozen bits, a bosel, mechanical hackmore and 10 sets of reins with perhaps 10 or more bridles, and lets not forget the 15 halters of varying sizes. 4 saddles. I probably have about 10 usable saddle pads. Blankets, I never use in or around the barn but do have them for camping...I must have about half a dozen of them. Lead ropes, we never have enough of them...again the useable ones (snap still works) there must be 10 of them too. Oh and Breast collors, now that is where my money is invested I am sure...there have got to be a dozen of the of different styles, sizes, materials...and I only use one, my favouite one. I can only ride one horse at a time. One is too old to ride anymore. So that leaves me with to rideable horses...What does one do with all of this "stuff" and how the heck did all accumulate in there. ??? so many questions, and so few answers. lol I am sure that I am not alone in this dilema.
Well. I really thought I should mention that my horse has more pads than he can handle. After he has used them he gives them to our barn and moves on to new ones. he is able to do this because I, his friend and owner makes them for him. The line is called Rory's Choice after my little red horse, who always dresses up when he goes cross-country at eventing or hacking or lessons. We do craft shows throughout the summer and fall to present our unique saddle pads and other fun things such as jewellery for you and your pets
I have 2 saddle pads (3 if you count my bare back pad) - 2 horses - thousands of lead ropes ... yep lead ropes are my problem i have tuns in the barn one in the house one day ill start leaving them in every car i go into.


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