hello, I have been giving my horse this, and I have noticed my dog has been going crazy for it, and actually got kicked yesterday while I was feeding my yearling this feed.


My question is, is it harmful for dogs to eat?


we have tried speciality stores, all the foods in the grocery store, and my dog will not eat dog food, we are paying a fortune for the dog food we feed him now (70.00 a bag wholesale), but he would prefer to eat and get in the way/harmed for this high fat feed. We are now thinking about giving our dog a handful of this mixed with his kibble to try and encourage this dog to eat.


so would this be harmful?


(sorry if this is in the wrong section)

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Hi, Sassy:

If you mean Step 8 High Fat 20, my dogs eat it every chance they get, with no ill effects. It's a good horse feed for hard keepers, and the dogs pick up every little dropped crumb!
well its cheaper than dog feed, so we are going to be giving my dog some..


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