I own 4 hemets- various weight and colors and i have them so I cannot have any excuses nor can those who wish to ride my fluffies and ride with me. Period.
vanity thy name is helmet head.
Gasp! it looks awful- and my head is sweaty and the helmet feels tight or the chin strap is  digging or my ears hurt or I can't hear the cell phone or my ear piece wont lay comfy...... or it doesn't look good.....whatever you think- being able to put a sentence together is incredible - and after a severe brain injury it is almost impossible,...........................
And for upper level riders they ( most ) believe in the soft hat- the  look of one who is dressed for the show........... top hats and tails. I believe helmets should be mandatory. in all levels and of course how I think about the changes for showing is  agreed  with many whom I know,   change the rules back to  double bridles for over 4th level- when one is doing PSG and higher- not for 3rd or 4th level- but hell if you can't handle the horse in his light  snaffle, get 2 bits and 4 reins to handle the horse.
tsk tsk Foolish.
 Carry a few helmets so you do not forget the only one that you left in the trailer - or in the truck or in the barn.
 You only get one head. ONE
 and it  will never recover from a horrendous incident.
 We do not want to look like we are the  prime ingredient on the salad bar- buffet- at  the restaurant.
 so it is time to stop worrying about how we look in our  clothes and be safe. No one is exempt- not one of us. Please do wear a helmet and for what it is worth- the best gift to give a rabid horsey girl or boy is a helmet as a gift.
 Courtney, good luck  in this the hardest test you will ever again  ride into.......and Speeding on to you are prayers from all strangers and friends.
Susie Solomon-Mabe

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Hi, ladies!

That's essentially what I do, slc2! I have very fine, straight hair, so it's cut in the old "pixie" cut style, which looks exactly the same before it goes under the helmet as it does after...I don't have Susie's luxuriant mane, so I gave up long ago worrying about "helmet head".
") I'd wear full motocross gear if I could find it in my size, complete with a helmet they wear to ride motorcycles and a full face guard.... made much better than equestrian helmets are, but I wear one of those whenever I'm on the back of a horse.... I've fallen and been bashed into a tree from a completely still position....


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