Does anyone else out there have a horse-related business? What is your business?

Personally, I am finally getting my photography and graphic design dreams put into motion! :) No official name or site yet, but I am curious how everyone else with a horse business decided on what they do!

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I'm a saddle fitter

Performance enhancement and general health benefits.

Healing Touch - energy work and acupressure combined to make your animal feel great.

Check out my website or find me on Facebook.

Susan Hamilton Animal Therapy

I'm in the process of opening a online tack store!


I buy and rebuild old  rusty horse trailers and make them safe and useable . I also do horse trailer repairs and if yours needs to be redone or just repainted I do that also.  Check out some before and afters on my home page.

Stable Hands I am an Equine Sports Massage Therapist. I look forward to looking at your sites. 

Hi I am a rider coach. I am aPhysiotherapist and pilates teacher. I am also a rider ,retired from elite competition. I specialise is rider biomechanics posture and core training. I also specialise in the injured rider in particular back injuries. My program Applied Posture Riding sells all over the world. I run clinics and one on one sesssions including riding posture assessments and programs. I also give rider lessons.. My website is I am looking the start a membership site up on early 2015.. Any
Advise would be appreciated. Cheers Annette Willson Clare south Australia.

I take in older horses that are good lesson horses and do a 4H program in the summer months.  The kids pay a monthly fee to come out and ride 2 or 3 days a week.  At first, it's a lesson type format, then it becomes just fun riding.  We do 4H clinics, shows and other local events including a lot of trail riding and speed shows. 

My horses are mostly over 20 and in good shape.   It's a way to pay for them and to keep them riding plus I love being around the girls.  They give me energy and a purpose.

Please check out Cheval Amour - Eco and Ethical Fashion For A Stable Planet.

My business partner and good friend Lisa Simmons is an Environmental Engineer by education and profession. When she decided to create a line of clothing inspired by her passion for horses, what she found in the textile industry informed the highest integrity that is behind every Cheval Amour design. I hope you'll check it out! It's beautiful stuff...

Kerri I've had a look and made a note to do a post on Equus Education - - thanks for sharing!


I don't have my own business since I am still in school for some time to come, but I do help out a friend's family business with horse dressage and selling horses. We currently have 8 horses in the stable and hopefully they will soon get another Dutch Warmblood. I already posted this in the classifieds but thought I might as well tell you since you asked :)

Really interesting to read everyone's answers!  Mine is twofold: I'm an equine author and educator.

I have a horse careers blog, Equus Education at where I explore different equine careers that people can do, profile people, write horse book reviews and detail courses you can do relating to horses.

I write equine educational resources and sell these via

I write horse books for adults at and for children at all of my novels are on Amazon -

Kind regards,


I have a horse trailer rebuilding business.  I fix and rebuild older steel horse trailers.   You can check out my Facebook page    Jws Second Chance Horse Trailer Restoration .


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