Well here's the deal. We are fostering a horse which someday we hope to adopt if all goes well. The rescue place we got her from thinks she might be an Azteca cross breed. I was just wondering if anyone on here has an idea on what breed she might be.

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Oh, she's so pretty... what is her temperment like????
Her temperment is.......well, she will not let you touch her much. We can touch her face and then she pulls away. She does not kick or bite. She scares easy. Noises make her nervous.What we have noticed of her is that she is sweet and can have a female attitude at times! lol She can be a little pushy. but all in all, she is sweet. Just needing a lot of time and love.
I have no idea what she is (don't know much about Aztecas) but she sure is nice!
how does she move, does she have alot of knee action in the front at the trot, hmm by this I mean does she pull her knees up quite high - any of the baroque breeds usually have very high knee action particularly in the trot but you may notice it in the canter as well.
Azteca's are 1/2 quarter horse and 1/2 andalusian ( the baroque part), though she could take after one more than the other. Andalusians tend to be heavier set in the front end with a strong shoulder and neck and have very heavy manes and tails. They also take a while to bond but once they do they can become very close. They also have realitively short backs and an upright head and neck carrage.

It is a little hard to tell from your photos if any of this applies but you might be able to figure something from how she moves.....
I'm not sure if she's an Azteca (not sure what the other half is), but I would wager she is half Andalusian. I train a great deal of these horses; just sent one home and got another one in. Her facial structure gives it away; she is 'dry' faced, a trait of the Spanish horses. Her leg structure, color, body shape also tell me she's half Andy. I love working with them. They are smart, sensitive, loyal and kind.
Michael please read the attached.
Wow that just about describes her down to a "T", the way her temperment is and all.
she looks much like the horse Tracy McDermott put up..I would definatly say something like that.
I'm almost thinking a thoroughbred perchon cross... maybe.
No feathers (Percheron), Spanish legs, face. Thoroughbred has bigger brow ridge, Percheron has much bigger crest and lower neck set into chest.


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