Barnmice now has soooo many members, I am getting curious about how "international" this site has become?


If you are comfortable disclosing where you live it would be neat to know how spread out we all are!


I'll start:


Sidney, British Columbia, Canada

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Hi Ingersoll, Ontario Canada. Although I would recomend that anyone that is under the age of consent should ask their parent first before they say where they are from.

take care Deb (It really is neat to know at least what Country each person if from.)
G'day, Inman Valley , South Australia.
Manjimup Western Australia
St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
I have come to rest in Stanly County, N. C..
situated in good old cowtown (calgary) alberta, canada
Bærum, right outside of Oslo in Norway
Nora, this is a great question!

FYI, we have welcomed visitors from 187 countries and territories. Let's see how many come up in this discussion. :)
another good ol' cowtown Edmonton Alberta Canada.
Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada - home of
London, United Kingdom
Denmark, Europe.


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