I just uploaded a video clip to show it to you here.

This clip is an excerpt from Dr. Robert Sapolsky's (one of my gurus;) )
speech about the "Uniqueness of humans". In this segment he is talking about studies made on how dopamine levels are affected when we use rewards in clicker training. The result might be surprising to some :) I think this is very relevant to those who uses clicker training, and it is also important to realize that clicker training is less about food than one might think.

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I'm still waiting for my copy of Hempfling's book to come in!! My husband pre-ordered it for me months ago!
I was a bit cautious when Amazon posted that it wasn't released yet. So I orderer it from the Book Depository on Sep.21. It arrived in my mail box on the 29th. That was a lot faster than I expected. I'm really enjoying it, he has a very right brained way of writing which may not appeal to everyone. I also though it interesting that in German the title is "Do not seek the horse, the horse seeks you". The engish title does not convey the same thought to me. But that's just my background in translation being picky I guess.
What do you mean by right brained way of writing?
He uses a very artistic and holistic approach to the book which is of course his approach to communicating with horses. He discusses a lot of his sort of philosophic or world view and how the person and the horse interacting is all part of that. You have to read it to appreciate what I mean because I'm not the best at describing it. Some people will think he's wandering totally off the topic and what he says is not making sense. But it does in a kind of Eastern mystical sort of way. For those who can't get into that, there is still practical and I think very effective ways of communicating with the horse to be gleaned from the book, but still those who want a recipe or a step by step training method will have some adapting to do, and if you follow his thinking about that approach, I don't think he would say it would work. Everything is supposed to come from within the person and to and from the horse. Anyway, I think that's why he works so wonderfully with horses, because he is thinking like them. It's amazing to me that anyone has tried to put it in words, and the pictures certainly help, but you really have to put that together with the videos he has many of which are on the web.
They train dolphins and killer whales with clickers too!! I put up a video of one of my training sessions with Oliver and the clicker.. he became a new horse when I started training him this way.. good luck you clickers you!! its' very fun to see a horse respond..... Oliver drools.... LOL... and the maybe is the most important part... that way you can extend what you are asking... and they try real hard... the training is in the human rewarding the right response.. have fun!!


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