I'd like to share an amazing moment with my horsie friends here. You
know how when the horses are frisky and playing in the pasture, and they
get really excited and happy, and they stop, put their noses in the
air, get really big and do a loud exhale? That's not just an Arab thing,
is it? And is there a name for that? To me it means the ultimate "I
feel great." Am I way off?

Anyway, I was riding on Saturday, cantering in an open field, and my
gelding was feeling so good I let him out a little. Nowhere near a dead run,
but when I asked him to stop he did that pose and a loud blow. Woo hoo, I
couldn't stop grinning! What a moment to have my horse with just me,
working hard, and loving it!

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I totally agree that blowing the nose is something they do when they are exited.
It is often a sign of them having fun.
Having said that, it is also something they do after having been scared, too.
Something gets them going; play or fear, and they run… and when they stop they often blow their noses. The sound and way are similar, but if you look at what happens before the "nose-trumpet" I think you can tell if it is play or fear.
My girls do it when they're super bored, but it definitely didn't sound like boredom or fear..

So enjoy that special moment! That is so cool! I would think the human equivalent would be you running barefoot in a massive fielf of flowers and just falling and rolling down a hill.. The laughter that comes from that is what your experience reminds me of..

That is great:)
I don't think you are thinking about the same sound, Megan. The "bored sound" is similar, but what Mary Ginn is talking about is when they have their heads high, their bodies at full alert, tails up (arabs, usually way up, but other horses raises them, too) and then they give a short, huge snort!

The slower, blowing out their nose is more typical for horses eating and just cleaning dust and stuff from their noses. Not bored necessarily, but not excited either.
Ohhh, gotcha.. I think I heard that noise tonight then.. Our Pyrenees puppy (7 months old and already around 70-80 pounds) squeezed out of the fence, in to the horses' area, and had too much energy for our skittish girl..
I'd never heard THAT noise before!! WOW!! It was so weird sounding!
This one sounds like an "I'm great! Look at me!!" kind of blow. :)
Love the "nose-trumpet" label, Ellen! This one was definitely excitement, although it's interesting that it can also be a scared signal too. That makes sense, if you think of a herd in the wild needing to alert others.
Yes, Megan, definitely that rolling-down-the-hill-laughing kind of feeling!
Too bad, Barbara, there wasn't anyone around to look at him. I would've loved to have a picture; however, I'll always remember the moment.
I have an Arab and I get such a kick out of that "SNORT!" as I call it.It's kind of like the big puff a dragon would produce. Once my Sharif did it when we were out on a ride, because a) it was a windy day b.) he saw a little boy (normally he is adorable with little kids that come by his field) c) the little guy was wearing a BIG cowboy hat (He;s definitely seen cowboy hats before). So Sharif started snorting, and rocking in a kind of canter on the spot. I didn't think it was the best time for desensitizing , so we went on our way. That's just life with an Arab.


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