On January 6-7 I got to ride in a clinic with Christine Traurig, former Olympic dressage rider. I really enjoy riding under here and I always feel I learn a lot. She is able to get her point across without yelling or being mean about it. I always feel very encouraged after our clinics and ready to improve.

So, I would like to know who everyone else's favorite clinician is and why. It's always fun to hear about the great instructors in the world today and good to know who is liked and respected for future clinics!

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Dr. Van Schaik was indeed one of the great classical trainers years ago. Two others from that era I would like to mention are Franz Rochovanski who had been Head Rider of the Spanish Riding School. Hilda Gurney credits Roch with her ability to get Keen to the Olympic bronze medal in 1976. Also, on that team was Dorothy Morkis. Her long time trainer was a wonderful instructor from the Spanish Riding School as well, Ernst Bachinger who is now the new Director. He is the first riding Director since Hans Handler.
Thanks everyone for the great insight! I love hearing about all your experiences and want to ride with all of these amazing people myself now! :)
I clinic regularly with Mike Osinski, and I love him! He makes the experience fun and always has some great insight to put in. He is a respected judge and has a good eye for correctness. Out of all of the people I have cliniced with though, I still like riding under my trainer Julie the most :).

This summer I am going to California to work with with Hilda Gurney, and I am beyond excited! I would also love to ride with Christine Traurig, I have heard wonderful things about her! She is in my area often, but I never seem to catch her when she is around.


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