I thought I would start us off with a little discussion on where we found our beloved paints.

It will be four years ago in June that I found my mare, Cisco. My best friend and I went on a road trip out west to Saskatchewan, invited by a horse breeder to come and stay at their farm and do a cattle drive with them. Man, what a trip it was! I have never met such warm, welcoming people, and the horses and cattle were gorgeous! We rode out every day and had a wonderful time. The very last day we were there, I saw Cisco. I had never owned a horse before and on the long drive back to Ontario, made the decision that she had to be mine. The breeder and his lovely wife brought Cisco and a few other horses that my best friend had bought to my best friend's farm up near Sudbury in February. I drove up for the big arrival and we even went out for a ride in minus 30 degree weather (Brrrrrr). That April, my best friend's hubby drove Cisco down to me and I am so lucky that my very dear friend down the road was able to take Cisco in and take me on as a boarder.

That June I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which kinda put a dent in my riding (and in my boob, since I had a lumpectomy!). But I was so lucky because there was another boarder at the barn besides me, and even though I really didn't know her, she helped out with Cisco, grooming her and helping when the farrier came, etc. After I got back to normal from my surgery I had to have radiation. So, basically that summer I didn't get to ride very much. But I enjoyed just going to the farm and sitting and looking at my beautiful paint. It was very therapeutic. I am happy to report that I am completely cured, I have been on Tamoxifen for the last 3 years and have 2 more years to go, then I'm done! I am a very lucky girl, indeed!

Yes, I am so lucky.... the other boarder and I became very good friends. We are riding buddies and go trail riding (or hacking) together almost every weekend. There is quite an age difference between us, she is quite young at 36 and I just turned 54, but it really makes no difference to us at all. She rides English and I ride western, but hey, who cares? For me, it is all about being out on the trail, enjoying the day, riding along on a very pretty paint mare.

So, how about you? Where did you find your paint?


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I got my first coloured horse, a bay tobiano in 1967. Got my first registered paint horse in 1973. Most of the ones we have now we have raised.
Sheila - your horses are gorgeous!

Where, huh? Hmmm....

Well, I have a habit of hanging around my BM's farm for 12 hours straight and after a huge incident involving a horse I used to own, I have changed completely. So I prefer to amble around on the ground with the horses rather than be on horseback at the moment but not too long ago (a couple of months) several of the mares had foals and they were all put into a gigantic foal paddock and just for the hell of it, my BM throws in Dots. I used to just go in and play with the foals all the time and I happened to spot Dots and her very shaggy coat.

I asked my BM about her and she explained that Dots belonged to her Aunt. Her aunt bought her when she was first born and only visited her once. This was spring so it was shedding season and Dots was really neglected in terms of her coat condition. She had humongous mats of hair all over her belly and around her legs. At this point, this is when I was dubbed "Shedder" followed by several inside jokes involving a shedding blade and me haha.
Anyway, So I spent days shedding the HUGE clumps of hair from her belly and it was strange because I knew nothing about her or her personality and personally, I think I had a huge impact on her. She's still only a yearling even today but I spent every waking hour in the paddock just to groom her and teach her to lead and play with her.

Several months later, my BM asked me if I wanted Dots. At the time I just sold my old horse, Nico and wasn't sure if I could handle a new horse. And a young one at that. But after much considering, my BM gave Dots to me for free explaining that her Aunt said she wanted to get rid of Dots because she doesn't have time for her and the BM didn't have time for her either so she gave her to me because I've been the one putting so much work into her. Best moment of my life hehe. =)

She's the one in my profile picture. She's still a handful but the whole barn is willing to coach me through several training techniques to help me cope. I can't wait for our first ride together! Dots was the one who made realization dawn on me and I don't think I'll ever be able to part with her.
This is Summer, a Welsh X Paint X Dutch WB. She is amazing! not a "sizzor cutter" type pony..lol


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