I have a 18 year old quarter horse and we have a show this weekend, but we i took a lesson on him yesterday he just didn't seem himself i had his hocks injected about two months ago, and had some acupuncture done on his shoulder ( he fractured his left shoulder almost two years ago and fully recovered). The week before it took him the first few jumps to warm up but eventually he was listening and doing what i asked, he always takes longer to warm up than others. However yesterday he just never seemed to get to that point he wasn't moving forward like he should i had spurs on and had a riding crop and neither seemed to make a difference. Were trying some bute this week. Any other suggestions??? THANKS! 

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Well, if you have to resort to using a crop and spurs, and there is still no forward momentum, you have a problem.    Have you checked your horses' feet?  perhaps they are bruised which is terribly uncomfortable for the horse.  At 18, you are more or less riding a senior citizen, and altho Bute may help, there may be more underlying problems and since you are already using acupuncture and hock injections it seems there are.   If the way your horse is reacting to your asking and is uncharacteristic for your horse, perhaps your vet can be of  help.   The fact that during your lesson "he didn't seem himself" should be a clue that there is something bothering your gelding.  Perhaps missing this show and  working on getting him healthy and back to normal first will bode well for you both for your future shows  -  it is still early in the season and there are many shows over the summer.      

He is getting his feet done this week. Sometimes when the weather gets really wet and sloppy he gets a little sore, but he has never had any hoof issues. He has been fine every other day I rode him this week.


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