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The 2014 Canada Standardbred Horse Day celebrations

Started by Standardbred Fan Club Jun 19, 2014.

Standardbred Swag? 2 Replies

Started by Ashley. Last reply by Ashley May 15, 2013.

Standardbred Recycling 4 Replies

Started by Shimmer E. Last reply by Lynn Feb 19, 2011.

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Comment by Standardbred Fan Club on November 3, 2012 at 6:04pm

The Standardbred Horse Fan Club submitted an idea for a Canada Retirement Foundation for Thoroughbred and Standardbred race horses to the Aviva Fund. The idea was accepted two days ago and we are now scrambling to try to raise votes by Monday (end of the second round of votes). If anyone can help with a vote, we will succeed and may be eligible for a grant for the Foundation for $50,000 to $100,000 - a good start for sure. Please assist us - our race horses deserve better than what they receive after their racing efforts

Comment by Shimmer E on November 3, 2012 at 12:31pm

Awe that's my handsome boy!  Just about 3 years old and less than 60 days with a trainer, my first time up on my José!  He's so honest and has so much try!  I can't wait to start trick training with him next weekend!!! <3 <3 <3

Comment by Shimmer E on November 3, 2012 at 12:29pm

Comment by Lynn on February 21, 2011 at 9:11pm

I have yet to meet a mean standardbred, surely that must be a testament to the way they are treated by their racing owners. They are such gentle and forgiving animals.  I am sure that there are some horror stories, but aren't there horror stories for every breed and discipline. I agree, you can't taint the whole batch with one or two bad apples.

Comment by Lynn on February 19, 2011 at 9:24pm

Gracie is our awesome blossom. So gentle and sweet. Although not as refined and delicate as our thoroughbred, she is the one we gush over.  Everyone loves her as she is such a ham. I will always own a standardbred.

Comment by Rick Bossie on February 19, 2011 at 10:24am

Debra, while your comments are - i feel - somewhat justified in a few cases, albeit very few cases, the number of cases of abuse which I have seen in the racing of Standardbreds during my 20+ years involvement within the sport are nil. You have single handedly made it sound like this is an epidemic found only in the backstretches of all standardbred racing stables. I am very much a promoter and love this sport, and I will continue to promote it till the day I die. Your comments seem to single out ALL standardbred racing stables and I feel this is completely unfair. You mention you are arming yourself with a video camera and for this I applaud you, but you fail to mention that there are many forms of abuse going on out there in other areas of agriculture, and general animal husbandry. For you to make it seem like every Standardbred stable you have visited has some form of abuse being placed on their animals is completely off the wall. Perhaps you have seen the cases you mention, but to generalize the entire industry is uncalled for and just plain ignorant. This is like saying you were at Zehrs the other day and got home to find a bad banana in your groceries, and you publish that all grocery stores are selling bad food. I think your heart is in the right place but you have decided to criticize the entire industry in your comments. Instead of this why not just publish the names of the stables you have found this abuse? This would place the discipline on the individuals not the industry. This industry is struggling with many other issues, the last thing we need is bad press regarding animal abuse. I feel this industry does an outstanding job limitting the number of cases of abuse there is out there, with heavy fines, lifetime suspensions and public ridicule to those FEW individuals that commit such treachery. Your comments extend right from the ORC's lack of action to the SPCA. These animals provide income for these people, I have a hard time believing that the number of cases you have portrayed to us actually exist. I mentioned in opening my involvement of over 20 yrs. and as of yet I have not scene one case of massive abuse that you have eluded to. I feel the bulk of the industry is filled with highly skilled and caring individuals that go to great lengths to care for their animals. These are racehorses, bred to race, love to race, and are born with an instinct to win. If you do not believe that, go to a farm with many newborn foals. Watch how they interact. They are untainted by this "big bad world" - as you describe it - in yet they are competing with each other as soon as they get to their feet. OSAS does a tremendous job in trying to humanely place hundreds of the retirees of this sport each year. Providing them with homes to live out their final days in peace and tranquility. Many of these animals provide a sense of companionship to their "new owners" that these people have never experienced before. These people are eternally grateful to there 4-legged family members and to say that such abuse is placed on them is ridiculous. If comments like this are necessary - direct them at the individuals which you have seen the abuse, with evidence, and I will applaud you. But to give the entire industry a "black eye"" over a few cases you say that you have seen - is uncalled for and damaging to the people that spend countless hours caring for these wonderful creatures. I will not let you slam the entire industry based on a few bad "bananas".   

Comment by KELLY MCLAUGHLIN on February 18, 2011 at 8:44pm
The Standardbred Showcase horse show part of the Ontario Standardbred Show Series willbe held on Sunday July 31 2011 at Grand River Raceway....for more info keep checking our web site
Comment by Debra McDaid on February 18, 2011 at 8:22pm

Fair enough, I don't need to tell the truth in this forum, so I won't bother again with it.  And while there are some good stb horsemen, they are far and few between, and hiding your head in the sand won't change the truth.  What is done with them after they race, the few that get the chance-- is a great, great thing when they fall into loving homes that want to ride, them or just plain enjoy them.  But while there is abuse in all forms of horse sport, the abuse in stb racing is horrific, and very the point where I can safely say that they nearly 'corner the market' on abuse as an industry.

so take care, enjoy your standardbred horse, and I won't trouble you again.


Debra McDaid



Comment by KELLY MCLAUGHLIN on February 13, 2011 at 8:31pm
I  r eally dont think this is the correct forum for this discussion. we are trying to give these beautiful animals a use after racing which we succeed at. There is abuse in all disciplines good eggs with bad apples.....for us we give life after the life of racing and not all involved in racing are bad.
Comment by Mary-Joe Figueira on February 13, 2011 at 5:38pm
Wow, I don't know what to say.

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