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I have read numerous articles on Anky not getting the wild card for Las Vegas, but
am still a bit confused about how the wild card works and why she is now looking at legal means to obtain the wild card when it seems the rules are already in place that would not allow her to take the horse.

The Eurodressage article explains it very well, but I still don't understand why the wild card was not applied for or how the rules can be interpreted as being flexible in order for her to go. Perhaps they can't?

Any clarification and insights would be great!

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The rule of two shows was passionately pushed through by Sjef Janssen himself several years ago and now Anky failed to meet it on Salinero when she backed out of Gotenburg when she hurt her back, failing to meet the criteria of two quailifying shows. Sjef did not put in a request for a 'wild card' by March 15th. They say she could win a medal or place eighth with Painted Black so "she probably won't go to Vegas with him".
As Eurodressage reported...Gerrit Jan Swinkels, chairman of the Indoor Brabant organization, suggested that the FEI executive board could change the rule in order to accept Anky as a competitor. Salomon rebuked this immediately: "shall we make new rules for one rider? Is it fair to change the rules for one horse? It's not fair to the other competitors." This is true, but Vegas will not be the same without a 'headliner' like Anky, so if they want her to come THE ORGANIZERS themselves will most likely pull some strings and see that Salinero gets there. Sjef's 'lawsuit' will help.
It may not be fair, but this too is reality in the big corporate money making world.
Thanks Linda. Who is Salomon and what would Swinkels' rationale be for changing the rule?? Also, aren't any other big names going to be there? I guess no one is as big as Anky.
Gerrit Jan Swinkels is Chairman of the Indoor Brabant horse show and of course one would assume that his rationale would be that as Anky is the Olympic Gold Medalist she is the best in the world so of course you would want her to go to the World Cup.
I am sorry I don't know who 'Salomon' is he was mentioned on the Eurodressage site. Perhaps Astrid can clear this up?
Of course many OTHER big names are going to be in Vegas, but like you said...no one is as big as Anky. It would be exciting to see a battle between Isabell and Anky on the two best horses now wouldn't it?
I believe Adelinde corneliussen and Isabell Werth will provide headlines enough among with the other true sportmen and women that will travel to Vegas even if they are not guaranteed to Win. It is extremely arrogant of Mr Janssen to state that it is not worth while for Anky to go to vegas on the horse she is qualified with, Painted Black. All other competitiors have toured all winter - she has saved her best ride for last, is that fair to let her in by bending the rules. The national organisation of the netherlands riding association should apply for the wild card - perhaps they did not deem it necessary as anky was and is qualified for the finale. Isabell werth has qualified both her top horses, Satchmo and Warum Nicht, she asks for no special favours, despite her staure in the dressage world. I would like to see Anky compete when she is not paid to enter OR has not choosen the judges OR runs the risk of not winning. The number one owes that much to the audience - true sportsmanship, no special favours, My view from Sweden - where we are happy to send two participants, despite the fact that it is unlikely that they would win. How sad it is for dressage that everything is so predictable.
Here, Here! Thank you for posting that Cecilia, I agree.
"How sad it is for dressage that everything is so predictable."
Cecilia, I totally agree with you. Anky has now agreed to ride Painted Black and withdrew the lawsuit but I think only after she realized what a spoiled brat she was being. If you can't follow the rules which your husband voted in then don't play the game. I am tired of there being "expected" winners. The final score should be based on the performance at the competition that day not on reputation. I would love to see someone like Stephen Peters win the World Cup on Ravel.
I'd love to see dressage less predictable but for that we'd have to change some rules. Here are 2 proposals:

1. Ride to the Music like in human dancing sport competitions
If you see a dancing competition people will dance, 6 couples at a time, to the music played by the band. Let's do that in dressage. Let's put like 4 to 6 competitors at a time in the arena. Than have a band play Music for walk, trot and canter and we'll see how riders can make their horeses dance to the Music without falling over each other.

2. Change the horses
Let's have a drawing in the beginning. There are 15 top horses and 15 top riders. At the first ronund all riders ride their own horse. The score will count for the rider.
In the next round every rider rides the horse that he got by the draw and we'll not look at the total score, but just at the comparision to that of the first rider and add (if its better that the original rider's round 1 score) - or substract (in case of worse result) - that from his/her round 1 score.

I think either of those would make scores in dressage less predicatable and give us a wonderful insight in the real skills of riders and horses.

What do you think?


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