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Edward's heart must be breaking.
Allan, it is very easy to sit on the sidelines and criticize. In this video is only the first or perhaps the second time he has ridden this horse. I think he does an amazing job! He has an incredible seat, and is very tactful to the horse. Let's give him some time to become partners with the horse before we start criticizing performances--even for educational purposes.
Agreed, Mary. Let's give him a chance and wish him the best of luck. He has quite an act to follow and I think he did a terrific job at the news conference.
I think it will be fun to watch the partnership evolve!
Too bad the video went private, but here's a great photo. The pair looks stunning.
here is another video link, but you'll have to "survive" advertsing spots of German Telekom and German language interviews with Paul Schockemöhle -just turn down the volume and watch. It's on the website of a well known German horse magazine.


have fun
Unable to view, sigh.Not sure when it was sent, why I can not view, but that is life. having seen Totilas with Edward Gal at WEG in the Free Style, I would really have loved to have seen Rath riding him. Therefore, I have no comment to give, other than , it is unfair to Mr. Rath, to be brutal in comments on only a 2nd or 3rd ride.
Allan, I offer criticisms of rides as a way to help educate others to develop a critical eye, so they can become better riders themselves (and so I can further my own education and critical eye).
To undermine a rider such as you are doing doesn't help anyone--not the public and certainly not the rider in question (not that he would need your help anyway). I understand that from his perspective, what you say on this forum wouldn't influence him in the least (nor should it), but your comments are inflammatory, and give the wrong impression to those who are still learning. People tend to tune you out. If you want to get your message across, you should be more diplomatic in your delivery. In my humble opinion.
I am also very critical of abuses, and I have agreed with you at times in the past on certain photos/videos, but we have to have evidence of that abuse, and there is none in the video that I saw. If you were to provide a video of yourself riding a horse such as this, and open yourself up to worldwide scrutiny, such as Herr Rath has, then you may have some position to stand on. But then again, if you had, I think your diplomacy would be more intact.
I would like to point out that this is a very interesting case for dressage specialists. Totilas has been eductated by Edward according to the "Dutch System" and Mathias is used to ride by the "German System".
Whatever the discussion about Rollkur and other topics where, we can now see how it matches and where the differences will be seen,- if any.
I think it will take a little while for Mathias to find the best way of communication with Totilas. Besides that Totilas has a different "job" at the moment and that may change a few things as well.
I'm really curious to watch this.- and I would love to see them at training at home, but unfortunately that well not be public.
Thanks for posting that link Bernd. They look gorgeous! And, yes, I would LOVE to watch one of their training sessions!! Who does Matthias train with?
his father is a well know professional dressage trainer in Germany. so he has very close supervision at home :-)

They are also close to Klaus Balkenhol.

Check out this new video! Hopefully it won't be made private!

Fantastic. Thanks for the info. Bernd! This should be a marvelous partnership to watch!


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