How old are you now, and how old were you when did you get your first horse???

I am 16 and I got my first horse Sunny when I was 13. He is a QH.

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Im 15 and i just bought my first horse yesterday :)
I am 16, I got my first horse when I was in grade 6, his name was Checkers. who I sold after 3 years. Now I have my second horse Dash.
I'm 17 and i got my first pony when i was 8 or 9. he was a welsh, but now i have a hanoverian.
I am 9 now and i got my first pony when i was 6!!!
I am almost 16 and I have been riding since I was 3. I got my first horse at 3 as well. She died when I was 11. Now I ride a Belgian Warmblood.
I'm 15 now and I got my first pony at 9. I now own a 7 yr old Dutch Warmblood named Chance and we compete in dressage together. :)
I am 16, don't own my own horse. I am in english riding lessons at a local stable. I'm looking at buying my first horse in a year and a half, depeneding on the secondary school situation.
im 14 almost 15 i got my first horse when i was born and then started takin lessons when i was 5
I'm 17 and got Kiss when I was 15. :)
i am 14 turning 15 and i've been riding since i've been 6 and have had 2 horses since i have been riding but i dont have them anymore... they turned into ponies that i couldn't control.
now i am looking to buy a horse that i could jump and try to get into some shows
I'm 16 and we've had horses since I was born.
When I was 3 my appaloosa was born and I still have him today, he's turning 13 on Friday.
I currently have 9 horses, 6 minis, one which is pregnant and due in a month. a thoroughbred, my appaloosa, and a paint.

My first horse, which was my moms first horse, and my appaloosas mom had to be put down about 4 years ago from heaves. She was 22.
I'm 14, and when I was born we had horses. When I was 8, my pony Diamond was born (my first pony that was my OWN!) I now own 4 horses, inclucing my first one :)


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