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Any New Situation="I Don't Remember ANYTHING!"

Any “New” Situation= “I Don't Remember ANYTHING!”

Sorry for missing last week, I had ridden three times and I was simply exhausted. This week I just rode Cider and had my lesson so I have a tiny bit more energy.

Sunday, when I rode Cider, the weather was absolutely wonderful. Not only did I not need my ice vest to stay cool,…


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I Got Myself New Safety Stirrups

I Got Myself New Safety Stirrups

After I fell off Coach last year I realized that getting safety stirrups might be a really good idea. I started looking around at the various types of safety stirrups, some relatively cheap like the Peacock stirrups, and some extremely expensive ($600.00 USD on up.)

I was familiar with…


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Book Review for Lusitano: noble, courageous, eternal


I was so very pleased to receive this review from Patty Lasko, former editor for Dressage Today. I hope you head over to my site and have a look at the book!

From Patty: 

International photographer and horsewoman Keron Psillas Oliveira has a new book and, wow, it is a stunning tour de force! I'm not exaggerating. Her photographs of the Lusitano…


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On Friday I Forgot My Ice Vest

On Friday I Forgot My Ice Vest

Southern summer, hot and humid, mid 90s for highs, mid to high 70s when I ride, and the air feels like you could carve it with a knife.

After hearing my story of my minor adventures with Bingo during my homework ride, Debbie decided on Wednesday that it was time for a lesson in the…


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Warning - Read the Fine Print

A word of caution to all artists who are seduced into entering art competitions. Read the fine print very, very carefully.

Free entry and prize money may not be worth it.

Recently I came across such a competition run through the City of Edmonton (government) so I assumed it would be a legit competition.  The call for submission was very particular it had to follow a theme and if your art…


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Is the 2nd Riding Ring in Another Universe?

Is the 2nd Riding Ring in Another Universe?

Due to some chaos on Wednesday morning I did not get my lesson with Debbie. I did get to ride there on Thursday, and when we set it up I asked Debbie if I could use my double bridle on Bingo even though I would not be in a lesson. She had no problems with my request which was nice, it means I am using the double bridle correctly and not…


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