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The World Percheron Congress Comes to West Springfield, Massachusetts

The ground in West Springfield, Massachusetts will rumble as the World Percheron Congress moves into town from October 6th through the 11th. The World Percheron Congress, one of the largest competitions showcasing the Percheron in existence, will be held at the Eastern States…


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The Gentlest Touch



I have been thinking about writing this ever since I first ran into the idea that it is ALWAYS wrong to allow the horse to enter your space, an idea I found mostly in the modern aspects of Western horsemanship.  This seems to be tied into the idea of teaching the horse to “respect” the human.

All through the 44 years I’ve handled horses I have reacted strongly to any horse that rudely and suddenly invades my personal space.  My reactions range a sudden harsh scolding…


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5 Questions You Should Ask When Finding a New Boarding Barn

Looking at potential boarding barns can be overwhelming – how do you know that a new barn will be a good fit for your horse? While you’ll always want to have an idea of just what you’re looking for in a boarding barn, it’s also a good idea to have a list of questions prepared for when you go look at a potential…


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A Call to Arms. (or hooves, really.)

You’ve had this happen. Someone finds out you have a horse and they ask, “Do you know my sister’s friend, Diane. She has a horse.” Like there are eleven of us in the state.

People who own horses are a wide and diverse group. We divide ourselves by breed and riding discipline.…


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Dressage for Every Discipline: The Circle

It’s well known that any horse, no matter what discipline, can benefit from dressage. But putting your horse into full dressage training isn't practical for many riders. So we’ve decided to bring the dressage to you: this new series of mini-lessons will give you dressage exercises you can work on with your horse at home to better develop his performance in your regular…


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Hock Sores and How to Handle Them

Have you ever encountered hock sores on your horse? Hock sores show up as irritated areas on your horse's hocks where the hair has been rubbed off, and sometimes where the skin has been rubbed open. Resulting from your horse’s hock pressing into or rubbing against the ground or the bottom of his stall when he lies down, hock sores are sensitive and may even…


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The Percheron Horse History

Have you ever been lucky enough to meet a Percheron? Standing next to these gentle giants is inspiring and moving. The Percheron is an incredible breed that originated centuries ago.


While the Percheron originated in France, its exact ancient ancestry is unknown. There are a number of theories as to the breed’s origin, including that Muslim invaders may have…


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Should You Buy a Barn or Build Your Own?

To buy or build: that is the question. Whether or not to buy an existing barn or to build one to meet your specifications is a question that every barn owner has faced. There are advantages and disadvantages to each route, and ultimately the decision needs to be based on your own situation, needs, and wants. Are you trying to decide whether to build or buy a barn? You’ll…


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Ground Play, Cavalia style!

This week, I attended Cavalia, the Cirque du Soleil-inspired performance event combining horses, acrobats and dancers. There were beautiful horses, an outlandishly great live band, and a stage that altered time and space. Unrecognizably. It’s the largest traveling show in the world, mind boggling in it’s scope. And yet, there were moments so…


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Surviving The Summer



Well, I seem to have survived the summer heat.  It has been a challenge living without air-conditioning but I got a wonderful surprise, this summer I had a LOT more endurance when riding in the heat.  My youngest son, who has a BS in Biochemistry, told me that organisms have a mechanism when it is hot that protects the body’s proteins, and when the weather turns cold (or if a person is in air-conditioning a lot) the body stops doing this particular protective…


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Looking to Become a Better Rider? Try Bareback!

There are all sorts of exercises designed to make you a better rider. From riding in two-point to riding without stirrups, the varieties are endless. But have you ever thought about riding bareback instead? Bareback riding has its own unique set of advantages that can help with your development and improvement as a rider. Here’s why.

Develop the Right…


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Hiring a Cross-Country Shipper: How to Do it Right

Putting your horse onto someone else's trailer to be shipped cross-country can be worrisome at the least. When hiring a cross-country shipper, it’s important to hire someone who is experienced, reliable, and trustworthy. But there’s more that goes into the package. Looking to hire a long-distance shipper for your horse? Here’s how.…


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The Central Park Horse Show Brings Horses Back to NYC

Olympic-caliber horses and riders will return to New York City this August for the first time since 2001. The first-ever Central Park Horse Show is scheduled to run from September 18th through September 21st. During that time the competition will feature a variety of…


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A Cowgirl Looks (Squints) at 60.


I notice I wear my glasses in the shower more often these days. Unintentionally. I mention it because as I write this, it’s my 60th birthday and I had a revelation in the shower.…


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Top Reasons to Adopt a Horse From a Rescue

Are you looking for a new horse? Adopting a horse from a horse rescue can be a great idea, depending on just what you’re looking for in your new horse. Have you considered adopting a rescue horse? Here are a few reasons why you might want to do just that.

Help Horses in Need

When you adopt a horse from a rescue, you’re providing a good home…


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Making the Leap to a New Discipline

Do you find yourself wanting to give a new discipline a try? Making the leap to a new discipline is an exciting, and sometimes stressful, time. If you’re toying with the idea of changing to a new discipline, here are some ways to help make the transition go smoothly.

Evaluate Whether Your Horse Can Go With You

Do you dream of trying a new…


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6 Tips for Selling Your Saddle

Do you have an extra saddle sitting around in your tack room? Chances are there’s a rider out there who could put that saddle to good use while putting a little extra cash in your pocket. Thanks to the internet, selling a saddle online isn’t particularly difficult. These tips will get you started.

Clean and Evaluate Your Saddle

Before you list your…


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The Gene Behind Gaitedness

What if learning your horse’s ancestry was as easy as pulling some hair and waiting a couple of weeks? Many places offer genetic testing for several creatures including humans, to establish ancestry and in animals, what breeds they are made up of. What if equine gaitedness was also so easy? Learning…


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Horses: A Family Affair

Did you grow up in a horsey family? Maybe you went to the races with a grandparent, or maybe one of your parents taught you to ride. Even if your family doesn’t share your horse-loving gene, horses and horse sports are still something that your entire family can share and enjoy together. In honor of Grandparents Day, let’s take a look at how families can enjoy horses…


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History of the Trait Du Nord

Have you ever heard of the Trait du Nord? This beautiful draft breed originated in the 1800s, yet it is endangered today and its future remains uncertain.


The Trait du Nord originated in the grasslands of the southern Netherlands, northern France, and throughout Belgium. Its…


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