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Riding Your Horse on a Schedule

As school starts up and we move into fall, it seems like our schedules get tighter and tighter. Tight schedules mean that you might be cutting your rides short. Here are some great ways to make your ride on a tight schedule a success.

Groom Only What's Important

While it’s great to spend some quality time grooming your horse, when you have a tight schedule the…


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The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

From August 23rd through September 7th, top equestrians and their equine partners will descend on Normandy, France to compete at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. Participation in the World Equestrian Games is an accomplishment in…


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Heels Down: 5 Tips to Help

Carrying proper weight in your heels is the foundation to a secure seat when riding, but many riders struggle with getting their heels down deeply enough. If you’d like to be able to drop your heels down further while in the saddle, we’ve got some great exercises you can try.

Check for Proper Leg Alignment and Stirrup Length

If you’re riding with an improper…


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You be the Judge.

“Too bad about that half pass to the left.”

My horse and I were leaving the arena after my test, reins long and my trademark competition smile: Lips stuck on my gums above my teeth. I had a great horse.

The comment was made by a woman who felt no sympathy at all for…


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Get Involved in Horse Biomechanics Book

Most riders echo the sentiment expressed by this high-level professional dressage trainer, who said, “As a riding teacher, trainer and student of ‘the horse’ I’ve searched high and low to understand how to make the horses job easier for them and applicable for my students. Various training…


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4 Tips for Calming the Energetic Horse

If your horse just has too much energy and is too excitable, your first impulse might be to put him on a calming supplement. But before you reach for that supplement bucket, there are a few other things that you should try first that can make a big difference in your horse’s energy levels.

Increase Turnout Time

Too much time in a stall  can lead to excess…


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What You Need to Know About Tying Up

Tying up, also known as exertional rhabdomyolysis, or ER, is a syndrome that affects the horse’s major muscle groups and tissues. When a horse is tying up, he can present as being unable to walk or move, since his body cannot control what would be normal muscle contraction and…


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Oh no! There's slack in the rope - an irony post

I did a post on 3 behaviors you can change that will sky-rocket the quality of your horse's life (I know that sounds a bit too bombastic). 

One of them is to give him some slack in the rope. I illustrated the "dramatic…


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Tips for Adding Fencing to Your Already Functioning Farm

Adding horse fencing to a farm or facility that’s already up and running presents a unique set of challenges. You don’t want to lose the functionality of your facility, and you’ll want to keep your horses safe while the new fencing is being installed. If you’re planning to add fencing to your farm in the future, here are some tips to ensure that the…


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The Connemara Pony

Have you heard of Erin Go Bragh, the talented pony stallion who was a top eventer during his prime? Erin Go Bragh competed at the Advanced level with Carol Kozlowski in 1998 and 1999, and Breyer Animal Creations made a model of the bay stallion in 1998. Holding his own against the larger eventing horses, Erin Go Bragh, a Connemara Pony, is just one example of the incredible talents of this…


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A beautiful day...

It has been a lovely day here in Alberta.  Not too hot, not too muggy, sun is  shining... horse was near the gate instead of a quarter mile out in the field...

Havoc went out on the grass for a couple hours.  We have a grass paddock that we can turn our horses onto, so I take advantage of it whenever I can.  The kid just will NOT gain weight.  He's doing his best to get to 17hh, he really shouldn't work so hard at it.

But, I digress.  Mo has been awesome these days.  I rode her…


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Goofing around

I had the two horses I currently take care of in the arena today. I rode the smaller one bareback, and the other one run free. It was such a nice experience. The horses, both geldings, know each other from the pasture, they are in one herd, and the one I was on is the alpha (which is decent when riding as the other horse can be easily directed). 

I had no idea what would happen and was just experimenting. When I turn them loose, they often go separate ways in…


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Should You Let Your Child Bring Home a Summer Camp Horse?

Many riding camps offer campers the option of bringing home a camp horse at the end of the summer. Camps save on the upkeep costs of their horses, and some lucky campers get to enjoy having “a horse of their own” for the year until it’s time for the horse to return to the camp in the early summer. But is bringing home a camp horse a good option for your…


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What does the horsie say? Seriously.

Our barn rat, Hannah, didn’t meet the horses her first visit to the farm. She was only 3 days old. We waited till her second visit later that week. It was love at first sight for all of us. By the time she was toddling and learning to talk, she knew all the horse’s names. Her parents taught her the animal sound game, “What does a horsie say?” Hannah’s…


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5 Tips to Develop Your Horse's Topline

Is your horse's topline lacking? A good topline both improves a horse's appearance and makes it easier for him to carry himself properly. If you're looking to develop and strengthen your horse’s topline, these exercises can help you do that.

Before You Start

Before you begin working on your horse’s topline, remember that for these exercises to be…


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Fascinating Facts About the Waler Horse

How much do you know about the Waler? This fascinating breed of horse played a monumental role in Australia’s history. Here are five fascinating facts you might not know about the Waler.

The Waler’s Journey Began By Ship

The horses from which the Waler breed descended were brought to Australia by means of ship. The first ship arrived in 1788, with ten…


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Tips for a Beautiful Tail

Are you envious of other horses at your barn with long, full tails? While some horses and breeds are genetically predisposed to having thinner tails than others, there are a number of ways you can encourage fuller, healthier tail growth on your horse.

Start With Nutrition

The quality of your horse’s coat and his tail hair are closely linked to his health…


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What, Why, When and How: The Walk Pirouette


Check the link at bottom for full article and over 10 clearly captioned step by step images plus clues to help you figure out what is not working, why and how to fix it.



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5 Tips for Keeping Your Horse Healthy Through Riding

Horseback riding provides excellent exercise to both you and your horse. Many horses benefit from regular riding, but it’s important to keep your horse’s physical well being in mind each time you mount up. These tips can help you keep your horse healthy and in shape through riding.

Warm Up and Cool Down Slowly

Injuries are bound to occur if you…


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The Oakley Diaries - 20: Finally, a Successful Show

We had a marvelously successful show a couple of weekends back, a dressage show at Fox Run, near Cambridge. It wasn't our first show, we tried that back in '11 with a disastrous attempt at a short course event, but it was our first successful show and we achieved all our objectives and then some.

The objective was simple: do all the necessary preparations the week before,…


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