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Confusing horse training jargon…

Mystical, humorous or deliberately elusive – the terms we use in the horse business can leave a rider scratching her head.  I was a coach’s worst nightmare - “What do you mean by that?” I’d ask . I rarely got a meaningful answer.

When coaching ,I’ll often press a rider to explain a term they’ve used.…


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It Takes a Great Amount of Time

It Takes a Great Amount of Time

Instead of another boring tale of another boring ride on Bingo, this week I will describe WHY Bingo's rehabilitation takes so much time. When I started riding Bingo on April 6, 2016, my first impression of Bingo's conformation was that he was a total disaster as far as suitability for a fine riding horse. Bingo had a VERY high croup, his back definitely sloped…


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A unique “Horse Show Checklist”!

Heading off to a show this weekend?.

(condensed from hunter judge, Laura Kelland ‘s May17 blog)


DON’T go to the show  if:

  •  you aren’t getting excellent rides at home, …

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Oakley Diaries - 31: First Half of the Year

Let's see...

I spent April travelling in Europe. I worked out a tour of sites I've long wanted to visit, for a variety of reasons. Of course horse-history is a big part of that, so I thoroughly enjoyed going to museums full of horse-armour and getting a definitive answer to a question that has bugged me for a long while, about the size of horses in the middle ages. It turns…


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Rebel Without a Cause

Rebel Without a Cause

This week we are having a heat wave down here in NC, hot and humid, the type of weather where sweat drips off of my face. Today I did not ride Mia because the dew point was 75° F, and it is supposed to get up to 97° F in the shade. All week I had been…


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Bingo Obviously NEEDS his BOT Exercise Sheet

Bingo Obviously NEEDS his BOT Exercise Sheet

This year North Carolina is having a true Southern Summer. Hot, humid, highs in the low 90s F, heat indexes going up over 100 F. Yesterday it was already 74 F at 6:00 AM, and as the sun rose the temperature quickly increased. I rode Mia for just 25 min. and I was hot and sweaty. We only walked so Mia did not overtly sweat, but her coat was definitely…


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Bingo Behaved During the Summer Horse Camp!

Bingo Behaved During the Summer Horse Camp!

Two weeks ago Debbie had her Summer Camp for kids. This is the second year Bingo was used in the camp, before the first one I had been riding Bingo for 3 months, and he was not a good boy—he inverted and ran away with his little rider, who then fell off. He was wearing a soft rubber D-ring single jointed snaffle that year. Debbie did not use him the…


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Cider Likes Her New "Hat"

Cider Likes Her New “Hat”

Last week I only got to ride once since Debbie had summer camp. Fortunately I have something new to report about my relationship with Cider!

Cider, an Arab/Welsh pony mare in her twenties, and I had been in a sort of frustrating round of identical rides week after week. With the help of my Kerrits…


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Healing Journey with Mara B

Please follow our story on FB@maraequinetherapy. I post six days a week about my horse time and share how Equine Assisted Therapy is part of my healing journey after my son's suicide. I have just started to voice my thoughts after five years of retreat.

I'm on Instagram @mara.equine.moments

And blog @

We would welcome your support and connections.

Thank you.

Helen and Mara B

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Feeding Horses: The Bare-Bone Essentials For Good Performance Are Often Overlooked

It's almost the middle of show season and after months of preparation, training and schooling, horses are expected to be at their best and perform unconditionally.  Many horse owners are quick (and excited!) to purchase new tack and equipment, new show clothing, take extra lessons and even switch up…


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An Arab Mare Can Touch My Soul

An Arabian Mare Can Touch My Soul

Summer has arrived down here in North Carolina, and so far this is the type of summer I remember from decades ago, HOT, MUGGY, and with many afternoon thunderstorms. Within a minute of stepping outside the sweat starts, and unless there is a breeze the modern summer tech fabric shirts and tights do not work very well. At least we are not in a drought this year,…


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Both Bingo and I Were Under Par on Wednesday

Both Bingo and I Were Under Par on Wednesday

When I arrived at the barn on Wednesday I was already tired. On Monday we had driven a long distance to see my son and grandson up in Asheboro, NC for dinner. Then on Tuesday I had to go a long distance to see the periodontist, go by the tack store, then to Charlotte for several hours. I told Debbie I would not be able to do much. Well, guess what,…


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My horse has a red ribbon personality!

Instead of donning a red tail ribbon, train towards and attitude adjustment.

  1. Set the boundaries. When your horse snarks at another horse, re-establish the boundary through which he snarked . For instance, if he kicks out, move his haunches sideways from the leg on the side he kicked.  If he…

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Red ribbon personality.

It’s not uncommon at open shows to see a red ribbon fastened on the tail of a horse. The message? Stay away.  I kick.

if your horse’s territorial nature has gone so far as to warrant a red ribbon it's time to go back and do some homework before going off property.  (More on that  next…


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Bingo Does Not Want to do a Slow Walk

Bingo Does Not Want to do a Slow Walk

Wednesday was a wonderful day for riding, for early summer. Since I bought my Kerrits IceFil tights with the silicon full seat, I have stayed pretty cool, but on Wednesday my body said NO when I went to put on my grain leather half chaps, so I rode in my Moxie Air-Puff ventilated half chaps though they are a little bit…


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Legalizing cribbing?

The debate around legalizing marijuana continues. Some would say it’s condoning a vice. What about “condoning” cribbing? More and more researchers  are leaning toward it.

Dr. Daniel Mills, an equine behaviorist UK specializes in stereotypies. “ I’d generally say, unless the horse colics recurrently, that…


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My New Wellep Full Cheek Double Jointed Snaffle

My New Wellep Full Cheek Double Jointed Snaffle

A few weeks ago, on Ebay, I found this listing for an “extremely rare” Wellep Full Cheek Double Jointed Snaffle. Yes, this bit IS extremely rare, I have been haunting Ebay for seven years, frequently checking for any Wellep bits for sale, and this was the first time I had seen a double jointed Wellep bit for…


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My horse is bucking! -What to do? Part 2

Avoid it  - If I’m going to stir up a storm, I need to be able to ride through whatever horse’s response so that he doesn’t find bucking rewarding. So I might come at a training problem in another way vs attacking head on.

Examples – small wins vs epic wins. 3 % improvement. Aim to never have to…


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Playing games and riding

I’ve been taking the youngest out for rides on Coyote in the mornings while the oldest is at school. I’m glad he’s liking horses, I thought he’d be tractors and nothing else. One morning I went ahead and turned Rusty out in the yard to graze while we rode. We left him behind for the first part of our ride, fortunately he can’t really come with out through the corn field. But when we got back into the yard he started following us. I decided to have some fun with it and see what he would…


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How we finally achived forward

Or playing with balls. But that seemed a little wrong.

This afternoon I got a chance to work Rusty. Yesterday I did not get a chance to work with him. We had a little weather related issue at the time I would have had a chance and I thought it might be best to abstain.…


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