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Pimlico Race Course Opened for the First Time - October 25, 1870

On October 25, 1870, Pimlico Race Course, located in Baltimore, Maryland, opened its doors for the first time. Pimlico Race Course is the second oldest racetrack in the United States – Saratoga is the first, having opened in 1864.

The idea for creating Pimlico…


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Teaching Baby How to Pick Up His Feet

Written by Chantelle Matthews, Assistant Trainer and Barn Manager at Manolo Mendez's Equestrian La Mancha.

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to spend time with Phil Maddox or…


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The Inside Scoop on Volunteering for a Therapeutic Riding Center

Have you ever been tempted to volunteer for a therapeutic riding center? Do you wonder what exactly is involved? Volunteering in any area of life can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Putting your horse knowledge to good use by…


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Golden Days and Hindsight Guilt.


These late October days are golden–sweet and rich, and as temporary as a long, crisp leaf. The sun is slow to rise and dawdles while setting over Pikes Peak. The clouds hold onto its colorful tail, long after the sun is gone. The horses and I want to languish on the tight wire between…


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Preparing a Horse for Sale

When it comes to selling your horse, making him stand out from the crowd of other horses for sale is important in finding him a new home. When you prepare to show your horse to potential buyers, there are a few major tasks that you’ll want to be sure to…


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Planning to Say Goodbye

No one likes to talk about the day when we have to put our horses down, but facing euthanasia is often a very real and necessary part of horse ownership. If your horse is moving into his senior years, planning and discussing euthanasia and aftercare can help to make the difficult time a bit…


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Playing the Lame Game...

They say that problems come in 3’s…

If so, then the sudden rash of  ‘lameness’ that’s been catching here on the farm of late should be over soon…

Handsome; but with a somewhat limited pain threshold!

Handsome; but with a somewhat limited pain…


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The Benefits of Keeping a Horse Riding Journal

You have just finished cooling down from what, in your mind, was the best lesson you have had in months…

As you are tending to your horse, that afterglow feeling is radiating from you; the feeling of achievement and success.
 However, you notice that while you can look back over your lesson and remember details now; come two or three days time, when you are trying to replicate that feeling, you just cannot seem to repeat what you actually done to achieve it in the…

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The Trakehner Horse History

The Trakehner, one of the most popular sport horse breeds today, originated almost 1,000 years ago. This warmblood breed makes an excellent dressage and jumper today. Have you ever ridden a Trakehner?


The Trakehner’s origin begins with the…


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Tips to Make Your Horse's Long Trailer Ride Go Smoothly

Shipping your horse over long distances can be stressful on you both. You want to ensure that the trip is minimally stressful for your horse, and you’ll also want to be sure that he stays safe and healthy. Here are some ways you can help to make sure that your horse’s trailer ride goes smoothly.

Choose a Shipper Carefully

If you…


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Horse Rescue: The Psychological Aspect of Physical Abuse.

I boarded the first horse I owned as an adult. It gave me something I hadn’t had in the past: a barn family. It was a private…


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Seeking 'Horsey' Bloggers

Do you have a 'horsey' blog?  

Are you writing about your experiences with your horses, whether they be on the ground or in the saddle?

I am looking for some 'Equine Inclined' bloggers to use the Strides for Success audio horse riding lessons for three months, free of charge, and when finished write a review on their experiences with it.

Strides for Success creates Daily Strides which is aimed at novice riders wanting to improve their riding and horsemanship skills.…


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5 Amenities You Will Want to Include in a Boarding Barn

When horse owners look for a potential boarding barn, there are certain amenities that they tend to seek out. Including these features in your barn can help to increase its demand as a boarding facility. Are you planning a barn that you intend to use for boarding? Then you’ll want to give serious thought to including these features.



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When Horse Emergencies Arise (And You're Not There)

With horses as injury-prone as they are, medical emergencies are almost certain to arise. And while you would hope that the barn manager would be able to reach you if your horse were to ever have a medical emergency, unfortunately that’s not…


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Join WIHS to Salute Therapeutic Riding Programs Helping Our Military

Join WIHS in a salute to Therapeutic Riding Programs helping our Military, check out the link for tickets and further details: WIHS Tickets



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The Oakley Diaries - 22: A Game of Inches

Sometimes it just feels as if we're not getting anywhere. Another beautiful autumn, the last show of the year goes by and the difference between this month and last month is hard to discern. It seems as if we're just inching forward. We're fighting a World War I battle, a titanic struggle over a few yards, at great cost and effort with nothing to show.

And there is…


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Beautiful Jim Key's Owner, William Key, Passes Away - October 18, 1909

When a scraggly bay colt was born in 1889, he was sick and crippled and not expected to live. But thanks to the treatment and care from his owner, Dr. William Key of Shelbyville, Tennessee, the colt not only survived, but flourished. Dr. William Key was a former slave and was self-taught in veterinary treatments,…


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Rope Handling Wisdom

How to handle a rope correctly? There a different approaches. As I've announced some weeks ago, here comes a post about ropes. I'll discuss the techniques recommended by Pat Parelli and Buck Brannaman and I'll cover the quality of a good rope

There are horseman like Pat Parelli who wants you to just let go of the rope when playing…

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Pioneer Spirit: A Message from Leafa.

Leafa Numbers was my paternal grandmother. We had a chat this week. She was born in 1888 in a sod shanty in Kansas.

A graduate student doing research about the settling North Dakota interviewed some nursing home residents in 1976. I got a tape of my grandmother’s interview…


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Hit a Wall in Your Riding? How to Get Around It

When you train at something long enough, sooner or later you’re bound to hit a wall. The same is true of riding – despite schooling and lessons, at some point you may find yourself unable to advance past a certain skill or aspect of riding. So, what do you do if this happens?

Don’t Panic

Remember that every rider, no matter how…


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