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Learn How to Fat Score Your Horse

Do you know how to tell if your horse is just the right weight?

Fat and obese horses are now at epidemic levels in Britain, the charity World Horse Welfare has warned.

The charity released findings of a major survey indicating the public has trouble recognizing an obese horse and the health concerns that can generate.

More than half of 2150 members of the general public surveyed either did not correctly recognise an overweight horse or, if…


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Behavior, Personality, and Anxiety.

Can you tell the difference between personality, who a horse is, and behavior, what a horse does?

With people it can be a bit easier because we are used to separating the two. We’re taught to “hate the sin and love the sinner.” Most of us know someone who is kind and funny,…


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What To Do With Your Legs While Riding

Do you find yourself a tad confused as to what exactly to do with your legs while you ride?  Do you find that even if you know what to do, degree of pressure to use or how often to apply the aid is confusing you?

You are hearing terms such as 'Keep your leg on', 'use your leg', 'more leg', 'leg', 'soften your leg', 'support with your leg', 'back up your leg'... leg, leg, leg!!!

You can listen to the audio version of this blog post…


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Tips for Creating the Ideal Viewing Room

woman jockey doing training at indoor arena

A viewing room often acts as the hub of a barn – it’s a place for riders and others to gather and relax while watching friends or family ride. Your viewing room may also double as a lounge or meeting place. Whatever its purpose, these tips for creating an ideal viewing room can ensure that the room is welcoming and functional.

Don’t Underestimate the Room’s…


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How to Design Your Barn to Save You Time


Do you find that you’re often busy and need to squeeze in time for riding? The way that you design your barn can save you time in the daily care of your horses. When you plan your barn, think about how the following elements can save you time when you take care of your horses every day.

Build Stalls That Open into the…


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Building Your Riding Fitness While in the Saddle

Do you find yourself huffing and puffing after a few strides of canter?  Have you been riding less recently and find that now your back in the saddle, your less effective than before?  Are you spending hours schooling your horse but seeing little to no difference in his way of going...

It often amazes me how much time, effort, planning and work riders put into conditioning and increasing the fitness levels of their horses and yet completely fail to invest even a little of that towards…


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Setting Up Better Canter Transitions

Who doesn't love to canter?  It may just be the most enjoyable gait to ride when in the saddle for many riders, however it is also the gait that might just have us working the hardest to actually successfully get there and then, returning back to trot or walk seems to also open a whole can of worms for many riders too!!

In fact, often the lack of competence felt by a rider with regards to riding smooth, balanced canter transitions is enough to make them avoid canter like the plague...…


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4 Horse-Themed Summer Road Trips

Horse-Themed Summer Road Trips

Summer is the perfect time to hit the road for a road trip, and what better idea than to make your road trip horse-themed? Looking for some great ideas for summertime horse road trips? We’ve come up with some perfect destinations for you.

Visit Kentucky Horse Park

There’s probably no better horse-themed…


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Tilly is a Pony

Tilly is a Pony    

The heat wave continues down here in NC, highs in the 90’s as far as one can see.  I just got to ride once this week, but to help alleviate my boredom I got to ride a horse I’ve never ridden before!

Tilly is a pony, about 13.3?  She is a sort of “dusty” palomino with a lot of pink skin around her muzzle.  She is 30 years old, and I learned a little about her history.  She was supposed to be horse sized (her dam was 16.1,) but her dam died the day after birth…


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How to (not) desensitize your horse

A few days ago during a lesson. We had a bag attached to the stick and were waving it in front of the horse's nose and to her shoulder. The owner pondered: "Sometimes I have the impression that she doesn't respect the whip anymore". 

And this is why today's post is about sensitizing and desensitizing (and the mistakes we tend to make).…


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Consistency: Doing Math in the Saddle.

Consistency is a great aid but do you know how it actually works? There’s an analogy I heard decades ago that has stuck with me. It involves bank accounts. You’re right; never listen to me about money, but it’s not that kind of bank account.…


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Traits of a Great Equine Vet

Traits of a Great Equine Vet

A vet is your partner in maintaining your horse's health, so it's important to make sure that the vet that you use is a great one. Do you know what traits you should be looking for in a great equine vet?

Listening to the Owner

Any good vet needs to have the ability and willingness to listen to the horse owner. A good vet should listen to…


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Building a Barn on a Budget


Are you trying to bring your dream barn to life, but struggling with the limited budget you have to work within? We have good news for you – you can absolutely build a horse barn on a budget. Building a barn on a budget does require a little extra planning, though. These tips will help.

Determine What Is…


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Chuck wagon horses dying or dressage horses dancing?

Photo: Laura Graves and Verdades

Chuck wagon horses getting fatally injured or dressage horses dancing? Which would you rather see? The Canadian Broadasting Corporation (CBC) thinks you would rather see horses dying since they choose to…


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Handling Problem Behaviors

The usual question people ask when dealing with horses that have behavior problems is “how do I stop this behavior?”  Another (better) question to ask is “what do I want my horse to do instead of this behavior?”  Horses LEARN the behaviors they show around people, and it’s up to us whether the behaviors we…


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Training Exercises to Put to Work on the Trail

Cowboy Scene

Trail riding is a great summertime activity, but if you’re hesitant to head out on the trail because you feel that your horse might miss out on schooling for the day, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of horse training and schooling exercises that you…


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And Olympic Team spot for Dressage goes to.....

Photo Chris von Martels leaves cheered by Canadian supporters.

The most important thing I have to remember today is that dressage is a subjectively judged sport. What I think may not be what the judges think. They are…


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Pan Am Dressage. Part Two of Day One. Juega!

Top photo Laura Graves and Verdades. Bottom photo Belinda Trussell and Anton

Just in case you are all thinking I’m napping during all the rides that are not American or Canadian I can assure you I am watching…


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The Summer Doldrums

The Summer Doldrums

It has been rather hot down here, weeks of highs in the mid to upper 90’s F.  In spite of having no air conditioning in my mobile home my MS has not gotten much worse, at least I am not stumbling all over the place and falling, and the horses are still letting me keep contact with the bit.  It has been so hot that most of my painful muscle cramps have gone away and I have been able to stop using the Back on Track things on myself and the horses I ride.  I think the…


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Pan Am Dressage! Allons-y! Vamos! Game on!

Photo: Chris von Martels and Zilverstar

The Games have begun. Over 7000 athletes will be competing in these Games. It is the largest multi discipline championship to be held in Canada…..ever! These Games surpass the Montreal 1976 Olympics. …


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