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I Wish I Still Had Some Energy

I Wish I Still Had Some Energy   

In the past two weeks, I rode three times.  The weather down here is still going up and down, from the low 20’s F to almost 70 F, the horses are still shedding out early, and the ground never seems to totally dry out.  This winter is challenging for both horse and rider.

I have been on Gilenya for almost 4 months, and my muscles are still suffering from greater exhaustion.  Because of this, I am going backwards in my physical activity instead…


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African-American Men AND Women in the World of Horses



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Rules of Feeding Your Horse

The very first time you…


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Energy Without Emotion.

Some of us originally learned to ride by watching Westerns. Cowboys held both reins in one hand and jerked the horse sharply sideways to turn him, and the bit jerking the mouth open added drama. They were in an angry rush, leaning forward, and kicking really hard with spurs sharp enough to puncture a kidney. Then…


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Valentine’s Day and a Goat Tail. I Mean Tale.

Is it too soon to say the word? Sure, there’s more snow coming. You’d be nuts to pack away the tank heaters and long johns. Still, there’s a change in the light and the calendar agrees. The coldest part of winter is past…


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Florida: A Challenge for Farriers

                     “If you can be a farrier in…


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super bowl super sad


For any fans of the Broncos, congrats, they won! Peyton retired after his 200th game and all is well....right? Wrong.

Budweiser failed to deliver when their commercial aired. It was greatly disappointing for those of us die-hard #teamclydesdales. It was a major let down. They'll have to do better next year.

On the discussion of those magnificent horses, or lack of them, have any of you ever wondered what went into training those horses for these famous…


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After Five Weeks off Cider Turns into a Pretzel Again

After Five Weeks off Cider Turns into a Pretzel Again   

Last Sunday I finally got to ride Cider again.  She did not seem too thrilled about the prospect when Shannon groomed her and tacked her up.  She did nothing bad, she just did not seem to like the fact that her vacation was over.

Going into the ring was fine.  Everything was fine until I asked her to walk by the fence on contact, the Cider started twisting herself, head toward Shannon, bulging out against my outside leg,…


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A Reminder about Horse Memory.

The temps were mild. No one was shedding but the geldings were sunbathing flat and I was able to chip away at some ice-age muck. I even found a fly in the house. For a moment, it felt possible that winter would end.

It was a fib; just the first part of the annual bait-and-switch scam that Mother Nature pulls to make riders even battier than usual. It…


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Horse Whisperer

Today I was told by a student that I'm the 'Horse Whisperer'. I lunged one of our lesson horses on the line and then off the line. He did walk, trot, canter  and even galloped. He'd be going at a full gallop and if I bent over he'd come to a sliding stop and wait for my next request. This is the same horse who, last year and even a couple months ago, would decide when he would and would not do as I asked. I'd…


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Mia and I Start Off by Staggering Around

Mia and I Start Off by Staggering Around

And that is what twelve days of winter weather can do to us pathetic little old ladies!

I was stuck inside because of the winter storm. Between the rain making Shannon’s riding arena too wet, and an inch and a half of snow, sleet, freezing rain, temperatures below 20 F and days where it barely got above freezing, I was stuck inside. My long driveway had ice, my steps had ice, and it was just not worth the risk of falling for… Continue

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How to Stop Feeling the Rub of Judgment.

On a good day, a judgment is simply a carefully considered decision or opinion, but on a bad day, it’s a list of shortcomings. Usually half of them are impossible to change. And then in the horse world, a whole bunch of us ask…


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Captain Canada - Ian Millar

Ian Millar and I have something in common. The first horses we fell in love with were the horses that brought the milk carts to our neighbourhoods. Ian’s milk delivery man had him sit up on…


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Starting Back After a Winter's Rest.

2015-12-13 13.05.44

It happened last Tuesday afternoon. I was finishing up midday chores and I braced as I came around the side of the barn where I usually get slapped by a polar wind. This time…


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Free lesson plan for Riding Instructors

Riding instructors are hard working, dedicated women and men who want to inspire their students to grow, learn and become better horsemen and women. 

They are willing to work long hours every weekend for sure, in all kinds of weather. Very often for extremely low wages. 

Yet they love…


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The Horse-Watchers recipe for Happiness

You need:

  • – One frosty winter morning with a glorious sunrise painting soft warm rays across the snow
  • – A warm parka and cozy boots 
  • – A large go mug of coffee and baileys
  • – A large pasture surrounded by trees covered with morning dew frost 
  • – A herd of hairy horses 
  • – Several mounds of sweet, hay beckoning the herd to come for…

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Winter Comes Back to Stay

Winter Comes Back to Stay

Fortunately, since I am in the South, it is not a terribly severe winter.  So far, all the precipitation has been liquid.  Even with several killing frosts, some flies appear when it gets warm, and then another killing frost hammers them.  Nights in the 20s F eventually get those nasty flies out of the picture.

Talking about flies, I have noticed something this year.  In 2014, I noticed that the population of the “buzz bomber” flies was miniscule, and…


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Enough with the Bliss-Ninny Platitudes!

Your horse is escalating. His prance is coming apart into a full-blown Flamenco dance with a furious stomp to his hind hooves. It’s audible; you’re on pavement in front of an indoor arena. His front hooves alternately pop the ground and…


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Too Many Horses, Too Little Time, Tips for Keeping Multiple Horses Fit


While we’re firm believers in the fact that you can never have too many horses, keeping multiple horses fit at the same time can be a challenge. We’ve come up with some great tips to help you save time while keeping your horses conditioned and exercised.

Use Horse Exercisers

Horse exercisers are a phenomenal way to ensure that…


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