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Me and Charlee

Henk writes:

Lil's husband, Robert, brought his camera out to our paddock the other day, so I thought I'd share some of his pictures with you.…


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My years with Cooper

I hope to make a few more videos for each year, will take awhile as I have tons of photos and videos and trying to pick a few is sooo hard :) 

Thanks Jackie & Shirley and everyone else for all your encouraging words over the years I have been with Barnmice!! I am looking forward to growing with you all over the next years and reading your blogs and accomplishments.

My family knows that I have loved horses since I could walk & talk but some of them can't see how a horse…


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A Sweet Story

Something Really Cool

Lately, life has been incredibly weird! I find myself at odds (personally) always asking for money even though I know it's pretty much the nature of non-profits. I try to stay as positive as I can and always send blessings and thanks to everyone, everything and the Creator everyday but sometimes...

So let me tell you a really cool story - last month a lady contacted us saying her son - 8 years old at the time - was having a birthday party and in lieu…


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Quick update from Cleveland

In the interest of using my vacation time up before the end of the year, I took another 4-day weekend off with my sister.  We had icy cold weather, very hot weather and weather in between—but what we didn’t have was rain.  We were able to cross the river on all 4 days.  It was great to ride so much.  The horses were good, for the most part.  Cole did get a little funny towards the end of the ride, Sunday, but that is all.  I think he was remembering the day before when his lunch was in his…


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Oakley Diaries - 4: Hi-yo spooky! Away!

Oakley would like me to think he's a very high-strung horse. Well, he is pretty lively, but he's gone to great lengths to convince me that he is too difficult to ride, so I should just leave him to munch his hay in his paddock, because every time we left the paddock, he'd find something to be frightened of. Our walk up the path to the stable, or the walk from stable to arena invariably went like this:

"Ahh! What is that frightening thing?" (It's a piece of wood in the…


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The Gods Laughed


All the times I've ridden the new Arab gelding, Mick, Debbie and I have been trying to find out the 12 to 20 problems that came with Mick.  First the saddle, Debbie trailered Mick down to the good tack shop to consult their saddle fitter and they found a saddle for his young rider that fit both horse and rider.  Then Debbie had a problem that Mick's adult riders (he already has a fan base at the stable) could not fit in the…


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Part Three: Thanksgiving Every Day.

Christmas is bearing down, getting closer every day, and I continue to defiantly…


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The Horse Rescue Operator’s Blues

This is a bit of a rant - with the rapidly approaching holidays, I am trying to stay positive. But...

I am tired. I am tired of always asking for money, tired of juggling expenses, tired of laying awake wondering where the money for the hay delivery is going to come from, tired of thinking of new and improved ways to ask for money  - I'm just plain tired.


 Horse Play has been operating at an over full status for almost 4 years - despite adoptions, and we've had a…


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Horses Currently at Horse Play - Nov 2011

So for those who may be interested in the lives of the horses we are currently supporting – please see below – for those interested in sponsoring a horse from the list – they are all available – everyone needs a special friend! For those thinking of maybe adopting – best bet is to give us a call or email and we’ll set a day/time for an initial visit and go from there – Horse Play DOES NOT adopt out green horses or horses still presenting behavioral issues – this is because if things go…


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Come to the defense of the Western Pleasure horses


Mrs. Carol Harris who owned the world famous Quarter Horse Rugged Lark as joined forces with our crusade to force the American Quarter Horse Association to stop the sanctioned abuse of the horses.

I have filed a criminal complaint with the Texas Attorney General Office against AQHA for deceptive trade practices that sanction the abuse of the competitive horse.

We are currently trying to get Oklahoma City television media to expose this national disgrace.  Please…


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Evening at the stables

Wow, what a storm yesterday evening.  I am sure glad I have an indoor arena to work in when the weather is crummy. 


Cole was uninspired.  I have noticed this happens on very warm days when he has a full winter coat like last night.  Consequently, we changed our plans to a slower ride.  I don’t believe in fighting if I can avoid it.  We perfected Turn on the Haunches in his good direction and improved it quite a bit in his not-quite-as-good direction.  I can’t believe how easy…


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2012 Calendar, Ornament Swap & Baked Goods

2012 Horse Play Calendar,

Holiday Ornament Swap & Baked Goods Sale

For Horse Play


Our 2012 calendars are now available online at

and soon will be available at Horse Play in Saunderstown, The Purple Cow in Wakefield and Allie’s Tack & Feed in North Kingstown. Benefiting Horse Play…


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Zoe's first day of training.

Zoe is a 5 year old registered quarter horse. I am training her for my best friend.
Another beautiful day. I got to the barn a little before 2pm. Zoe was in her stall and fairly talkative. I put on her rope halter. She didn't lower her head but she didn't raise it or pull it away either. (She will eventually put her head down for haltering and for the bridle.) I borrowed a hoof pick and started picking her hooves. I started…

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It was a lovely weekend here in Ohio.  Friday evening, I rode both my horses in the arena.  Nobody was at the stables, so I didn’t have to share the arena.  Cruiser seemed a little more settled down, and he continues to act normal.  Cole did a perfect turn on the haunches on the first request.  Not bad for never having done it, before.  The other direction didn’t go as well, but that’s how things always are with horses.


Saturday, my niece came out to ride with us.  She rode…


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November 13th 2011

Took Amigo on a short trail ride around the farm. I used my western saddle and my split reins on my reining bit. My goal was to round him up and get him using his back. He has a indent behind his shoulder from letting his back sag all summer. (He had beginner riders all summer and took very good care of them.) Ed said that riding him on the bit and rounded will help him get back the muscle he has lost. He also showed me the stretch that makes the horse arch their back. After the loop around…


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Bucking Traditions

By Gillian Rogers

                Mounting / dismounting and leading from the left,

Is it not from our mistakes that we learn? I firmly believe that admitting being wrong shows not a sign of weakness, but  that of strength. That being said, why is it that the equestrian world stays so stubbornly ensconced with traditions that  are beyond archaic? This really is not a matter of who is right and who is wrong. This is a matter of what is best for the horse. So…


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Cruiser in the Arena

Cruiser in the Arena


I write so much about Cole, I thought it was time to tell everyone my plans with Cruiser over the winter.  First off, he pretty much stays inside in the indoor arena the whole time.  I don’t trust him on ice.  He has always been quick to panic on it, so the smallest amount of ice will keep me away.  Also, he keeps his shoes over the winter for support for his…


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Lesson 18 - Nov 10 2011

Our regular coach was out of town and the barn manager gave us our lesson. There was only 2 of us in the class. Each of us worked in our own half of the arena. We walked a big circle then used our seat to whoa at the cones that were placed in the middle of the arena. After doing this several times we did it at a jog. Then moved to posting trot doing the same whoa with our seats and trying to use less and less rein.

Cooper was finally getting it a little near the end of the hour. At…


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Remember The War Horse


"Animals In War Memorial"   …


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Part Two: Thanksgiving Every Day.

Last week I had a bit of a Christmas rant (read) and declared I would celebrate…


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