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Is an Equine Community Right for You?

If you’re tired of having non-horsey neighbors, an equestrian community can solve that issue. But before you look into moving in, you’ll want to consider the pros and cons of life in an equestrian community. Is an equestrian community right for you?


One of the major advantages of living in an equestrian community is the safety that it…


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4 Tips for Calming the Energetic Horse

If your horse just has too much energy and is too excitable, your first impulse might be to put him on a calming supplement. But before you reach for that supplement bucket, there are a few other things that you should try first that can make a big difference in your horse’s energy levels.

Increase Turnout Time

Too much time in a stall  can lead to excess…


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What You Need to Know About Tying Up

Tying up, also known as exertional rhabdomyolysis, or ER, is a syndrome that affects the horse’s major muscle groups and tissues. When a horse is tying up, he can present as being unable to walk or move, since his body cannot control what would be normal muscle contraction and…


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The Connemara Pony

Have you heard of Erin Go Bragh, the talented pony stallion who was a top eventer during his prime? Erin Go Bragh competed at the Advanced level with Carol Kozlowski in 1998 and 1999, and Breyer Animal Creations made a model of the bay stallion in 1998. Holding his own against the larger eventing horses, Erin Go Bragh, a Connemara Pony, is just one example of the incredible talents of this…


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Should You Let Your Child Bring Home a Summer Camp Horse?

Many riding camps offer campers the option of bringing home a camp horse at the end of the summer. Camps save on the upkeep costs of their horses, and some lucky campers get to enjoy having “a horse of their own” for the year until it’s time for the horse to return to the camp in the early summer. But is bringing home a camp horse a good option for your…


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5 Tips to Develop Your Horse's Topline

Is your horse's topline lacking? A good topline both improves a horse's appearance and makes it easier for him to carry himself properly. If you're looking to develop and strengthen your horse’s topline, these exercises can help you do that.

Before You Start

Before you begin working on your horse’s topline, remember that for these exercises to be…


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5 Things You Can Learn from Watching Young Riders

When you were young did your riding instructor encourage you to watch the lessons of older, more experienced riders? Watching experienced riders is a popular way to learn about desirable riding techniques. But have you ever considered that you can learn from younger, less experienced riders too? If you haven’t spent some time recently watching younger riders in their…


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Should You Take on Boarders?

If you have your own barn and a few empty stalls, it might be tempting to open your facility up to boarders. Bringing in boarders has some advantages, in that it can bring in some money and will create more activity at your barn. But should you take on boarders? Before you decide to make the leap, consider how it would affect your particular situation.

The Financial…


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Temporary Fencing for Overnight Trail Rides

Taking your horse camping or for an overnight trail ride can be a great experience, but securing him overnight is a challenge that you will need to plan for ahead of time. There are a few different ways to secure your horse, so depending on your situation and your horse’s behavior, you can pick the one that works best for you.



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Why You Should Be Videotaping Your Riding Lessons

Do you videotape your riding lessons? There are a number of benefits to taping your lessons, and given how easily you can record with phones and tablets today, it’s really not a difficult thing to do. If you’re not already taping your lessons, here are some reasons you might want to start.

See What Your Trainer Means

Videos of your…


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Is Your Barn Healthy for Your Horse?

Your barn is supposed to be a safe place where your horse can live comfortably, but barns also often contain many health hazards you might not be aware of. Since your horse may be spending more time indoors during the summer to escape the bugs and the heat, now is a perfect time to evaluate your barn to make sure that it is truly a safe place for your horse to be.…


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Equestrian Factory Outlet's Grand Opening was a success!

HI Everyone, We are new to the Barnmice community and wanted to introduce ourselves! We just opened a store in beautiful Sharon,Ontraio just north of Toronto. This is a family business with my mum, Helen, being the owner and my Sister,Sarah and myself(Christine) who will be working in the store.  Sarah and myself both have a retail background and we are all riders so this has been a very exciting project for all of us. We just had our grand opening this past weekend so we were excited to…


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Love this new blog post by expert Confidence + Money Breakthrough Coach, Cathy Rivers of Big Horse Dreams, Inc.!

Also, I was asked the question not long ago: Do I think that your success and confidence as an equestrian is connected to your relationship with money?…


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Mentioning Unmentionables.

I’m going to be blunt about sports bras- not trying to offend anyone, (or exclude either of my male readers.) If you work with horses, or dogs for that matter, you should probably be wearing one. The good news is that they have…


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Money and Horses Making it Work


Hi all! This is a GIFT invitation for 4 Free Discovery Sessions offered by Cathy Rivers, a.k.a. The Confident Equestrian Coach. I'm posting this because an "equestrian" lifestyle can be costly and having a successful relationship with money is key! We all know that! 

Here's the info:

Offered by Cathy Rivers of Big Horse Dreams, Inc.…


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Equinista magazine. Celebrating the Equestrian Lifestyle

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Does Your Horse…

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  Check-out Cathy Rivers newest blog post! Often over-looked horsemanship lesson! Great info!

  Cathy Rivers,


June 19th 2012

At some point in your horse ownership life there will come a time when you won’t be able to make it home to feed the horses. Are you prepared? What if you can’t do feeding and chores for 2 weeks or more? Are you prepared? What if you are at the Emergency Room and…


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Difficulty Understanding Your Horse and Missing the Winner’s Marks?


   Love! that Cathy Rivers is now offering that following: 


Horses know exactly who you are. That’s a fact. So wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly who they are? Especially if you’re equestrian genre is competitive dressage? How about resolving – once and for all – the frustrating challenges in your horse’s training, as well as in your own, that’s keeping you both from the winner’s marks.

Cathy Rivers, holistic horse therapist, accomplished dressage…


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     It's not February, but we are halfway through the year. Wanted to share my re-read of this blog by Cathy Rivers'....

     good to touch base on with our goals!


     by Cathy Rivers or check out her other blogs @



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   Had the opportunity to experience the process of Inner Nature Design...amazing...Cathy (Rivers) did my design....she's now offering the process to the equine community! It was definitely the missing piece for I want to share and re-post this from her blog!  Also, she's doing a free 30-minute Discover Session if anyone's's so worth it!



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