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Five Places Every Equestrian Should Visit

The Spanish Riding School

With its world famous Lipizzaner stallions and dressage training and techniques, the Spanish Riding School is definitely a Mecca for any horse lover. Take in one of their daily shows and be awed by the power and grace of…


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Natural Horse Wound Remedies

There are lots of different items you can buy at your local tack store geared towards healing a cut on your horse. A few of them have ingredients that can be hard to read. However there are several more natural methods that have been used for years that cure equine cuts just as well. Maybe even reduce scarring.

One method is honey. Try picking up the most natural and organic product you can find. This will work the best. Also try hydrogen peroxide or witch hazel. Both can…


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Horse Barn Cautionaries

In every business there are risks. Owning and/or running a stable is no different. Just be knowledgeable about the risks so you have an idea of how to prevent them. Thefts, people who come for lessons without an intention of ever paying and rider accountability are just three of them. Here are a few tips on preventing either of them.…


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Is the Grand National too Dangerous?

As long as there has been racing, there’s been someone to ask just how safe it is for both jockeys and horses. This years Grand National claimed the lives of two horses; Ornais at the fourth fence and Dooney’s Gate at the sixth. Both suffered fatal falls during the raced dubbed as “the ultimate test of horse and rider”.

Although there is some speculation as to when the first Grand National was run, most historians believe it was in 1836. The course is 4 miles and 4 feet long, run…


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The Budweiser Clydes

The Budweiser Clydesdales are what I consider to be one of the greatest marketing ideas ever to trot the face of the earth. Who's going to resist not one, but ten adorable gentle giants? They're internationally recognized from numerous Super Bowl ads and advertising campaigns. So what exactly goes on behind the scenes of a Budweiser horse's life?

Well let’s start with their history. They were first introduced in 1933 to August A. Busch Sr. in celebration of prohibition’s repeal.…


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My Favourite Horse Ladies

My dad always said it was his lot in life to be surrounded by beautiful women. He has a wife, two daughters and all of our pets- horses, dogs, hamsters, rabbits- were female. We had a male cat once but I think even he knew there was only room for one man in our household so he eventually up and ran away with the cat next door.

Anyway, my dad always did his best to keep his ladies inspired with different articles on dynamic women who pertained to our interests. For my mom and…


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Horses of Sable Island

Sable Island is by no means a great place to live. It’s composed mostly of sand, rocks and salty marsh grass. The surrounding sea is also home to over 350 shipwrecks, recorded since 1583. Still, to five people and a herd of wild horses, this island is home.

Sable Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean about 300 kilometres south of Nova Scotia. Five people –four from Environment Canada and one researcher- inhabit the island in addition to approximately a little over 300…


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Unusual Equine Sports


This sport’s usually seen with a horse pulling someone on skis. However I’ve also seen it done on roller blades and snowboards. Races are sometimes held in this sport, but more so in Europe. If someone manages to perfect this one on water-skis, please send me a video; I’d love to see it!

Pair/Synchronized Jumping

It’s basically normal hunters or jumpers except you get to take your friend and her horse out on the course with you. This…


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Dressage Canada's New Helmet Rules

Dressage Canada has recently announced new safety rules in regards to helmets. Riders at the fourth level and below are now required to wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet while mounted on show grounds. See below for the full and complete rule change:

As of May 1st, 2011, the following rule regarding safety headgear will be adopted by Dressage Canada:

1. ASTM/SEI or BSI approved headgear must be worn by all riders showing Fourth Level and below, regardless of age, when…


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Rider to Watch For: Emily Winegar

Emily Winegar is definitely another young rider with a career on fire. At just 15, she has already been crowned AQHYA World Champion in 2009 in addition to two previous reserve champion titles. Her other victories include winning the KRHA Sunflower Slide Futurity Open in 2005, an Open finalist at the NRHA Futurity, named the National Reining Horse Association’s Youth of the Year in 2008 and Palomino Horse Breeders Association Youth World Champion for the last four years. She was also…


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Training Tip: Jump Drifters

If your horse drifts and/or veers after a jump, it can cause numerous problems. You could lose your balance, it could interfere with your preparation for the next jump or you could potential crash into something. So here’s a tip to solve it. Place two pylons a few feet away from a jump and position them so they’re wide enough for your horse to go through. Then canter towards the jump, go over, then aim to keep your horse at a steady pace and go through the pylons. This should help teach you…


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Horse Rumors Solved!

Horse Have to be Kept Apart of Trail Rides

On any hack, everyone is careful to keep their horses apart. Mostly out of fear in case one spooks and kicks another or in case personalities don’t mix. Surprisingly horses prefer to be tail to nose on hacks. This gives them a sense of security and reassurance out in the big scary forests. It also has to do with their herd instincts and need for closeness.

Miniature Ponies are Ponies

A few people have…


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Different Breeds in Racing

When horse racing comes to mind, a herd of running Thoroughbreds vying for first is usually what comes to mind. However, there are different types of races geared towards different breeds that are becoming more popular throughout Canada and the US.


Standardbred racing is the second most prolific type of racing in North America. Horses pull small carts known as sulkies that are piloted by a jockey. They race in either a trot or pace. Except in continental… Continue

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The Brook Hospital for Animals

The Brook Hospital for Animals (BHA) is an international organization that offers free veterinary services to animals in need. In addition to treatment, it provides training and programs regarding animal health and well-being. The organization’s primary focus is in Africa, Asia and Latin American.

The BHA was founded 1934 by the wife of a British army major general named Dorothy Brooke following a trip to Egypt. She was horrified by the condition of the horses there. Many were…


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Important Horse Care Tips

Spring is pretty much here and before you know it: show season. In light of all the training and preparing you’ll be doing, here are a few tips on caring for your horse that should keep him or her in top shape.

Maintaining Manes: during the summer show season it gets hot. This might cause your horse’s mane to become dry and start to frizz. In addition to regular shampooing and conditioning, apply olive oil to keep it soft and shining.

Pink Noses: also in… Continue

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Starting Young Horses

It’s not recommended you start a horse young. You should be waiting till they are at least four years old which is about when horses finish growing. Otherwise, starting them too young can cause damage to their skeletal structure and weakens their muscles and ligaments. It’s also a deterrent to some horse buyers who are aware of the damage it causes.

However if you feel you can’t wait, there are ways of reducing the damage. Make sure your horse is going through long straight lines in… Continue

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Wild Horse Inmate Program

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is a government organization responsible for numerous things, one of them being to solve problems for the thousands of wild mustangs that roam American land. One of their sponsored programs, the Wild Horse Inmate Program, involves the rehabilitation of inmates using wild horses. The program carefully selects convicted inmates and allows them to train horses as part of their rehabilitation. Once the horses are able to execute a walk, trot and lope under… Continue

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Rider to Watch for: Ben Asselin

Calgary native Ben Asselin is definitely turning heads in the Grand Prix show ring. As of last year, his career highlights include five perfect rounds at the FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championship- landing him individual and team gold, winning the $32,500 Laramide Oil and Gas Grand Prix in the CS12* Rocky Mountain Classic I Show Jumping Tournament and named… Continue

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Olympic Tickets go on Sale Soon!

Mark your calendars for Tuesday March 15th, tickets for the Olympics go on sale in North America! CoSport is the official hospitality package provider and authorized ticket seller in the US for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. They will begin to offer tickets in just three days time, which will also mark the 500 day countdown to the games Opening Ceremony.

The first phase of ticket sales will offer more then 58,000 tickets to be available to the 650+ sporting sessions hosted. About… Continue

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Showing From Home

Showing can be expensive so it’s nice to know there’s a way to cut trailering costs and stay at home to do it. You can even compete against riders from all over the country while you’re at it. Thanks to developments by the International Performance Horse Development Association (IPHDA), it’s now possible to show your horses in western disciplines from the comfort of your home.

IPHDA offers eight progressive levels of competition in… Continue

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