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Practice Lesson 3 July 30 2011

We had an excellent night together at the barn. I put the natural rope hackamore on and we did some ground work in the indoor arena before I got on and rode him for about 20 minutes inside. He hasn't forgot anything, responded so well, an excellent whoa and back up with the rope hackamore.

I then put the bridle and bit on him and we went outdoors to practice lesson 3 patterns. I could not for the life of me remember how the pattern was!! But we did some great circles in every corner,…


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3rd Lesson July 28 2011

We have to have some bad nights and this was one of them. 

I could not grasp any of the lesson that was being taught. Circles in both corners at one end of the arena in something like a figure 8 pattern.

We weren't out there maybe 15 minutes then the mosquitos came out. I have big bites on my face, arms and neck. 

Cooper was trying to stay close to other horses, going too fast as usual. I was bouncing too much, couldn't get my legs relaxed, hands were all over and…


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A few updates for July 17 to July 24th

July 17 to 21st did not go out to see Cooper or practice at all because of the heat. The Thursday night lesson was cancelled, thank goodness!! I probably would have passed out from having to wear that helmet in that heat.

I went on Friday to try an english saddle on him that a friend was selling. I didn't even ride, I was so hot, sweating and not feeling well.  My stump was hurting from a sweaty prosthetic sock and the other foot was all swollen and bruised from an injury a long time…


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2nd Training Lesson July 14 and Practice July 16 2011

We had our 2nd training lesson on Thursday July 14 with Karen this week as Gail was away.

We were learning to slow the trot down to a jog, or trying anyway. Also trying to lower Cooper's head down more in a frame, is that what it is called? We did do good several times, even slowing down very nicely to a jog without coming to a walk.

There were more horses in this weeks lesson and Cooper was excited to see them all LOL. No pictures or video, forgot the camera on Thursday and…


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Very Nice Weekend

July 9 & 10 2011

We had a very good weekend together. I rode Cooper both days.

On Saturday we were both so relaxed. Rode indoors practicing what I had learned during our lesson on Tuesday. 

We were working on the outside supporting rein doing figure 8's at a trot. Yay!! Yes back to trotting again but need to really work on that steering. I also have to work on my leg position, it's hard to try work, but will get there someday.

We also worked on whoa and back…


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Back in the Saddle and taking Lessons now

July 2/11

Finally got back in the saddle. I rode around at a walk only for about 15 minutes and got off. I was tense but things went well, just me being worried. Another boarder got on Cooper after and gave him a little workout. They did great together, an experienced rider makes him look so good.


July 5/11

We have finally started taking training lessons together with Gail Haynes at Five Star Ranch where I board. At first I was very nervous and tense and almost…


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First fall off of Cooper

Friday May 13 2011 Had my first fall off of Cooper today, rider error. It was pouring rain as we rode in the indoor arena. A black cat ran by, I don't know if there was another noise, it all happened so fast.

I was trying to do shoulder over at 9 o'clock position and pulled too hard at the same time that he spooked. He went one way, I went the other way off his right side. I held onto the reins too, green rider thing, and almost pulled him right down on top of me by doing so.



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Not sure how to use this but I think I will start putting my accomplishments and other stuff in these blog entries instead of in my about me.

Going to another Lyons Symposium, this time with John on April 15-17 2011. I saw Josh last year at Five Star Ranch.

I have also signed up for a Lyons certified instructor riders clinic with Cooper on April 22-24 2011, I just hope my rotator injury is better by then!!

I moved Cooper April 1 2011 to the barn where I will be taking the riders clinic, now I will be right there to get help with him.

I rode Cooper April 7 after over 3 1/2 months of not riding him because of an…


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