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Comment by marsha george on March 15, 2012 at 10:15am

January 1,2010 I get a call from our Mounted Search and Rescue Coordinator to assist in saving 6 thoroughbreds that were found amount 13 other carcuses.  The thoroughbreds were moved to a private location, to be treated and cared for in hopes of saving the remaining 6.  The first 2 days we lost 2 of the mares.  You could tell they just couldn't do it anymore.  Left were a stallion and 3 mares.  The stallion affectionately names Studley was in really bad shape.  Every day I was afraid I'd go to the barn and he'd be gone.  But he hung on and got a little better each day.  Over the next 3 months, 25 dedicated horse people went 3 times a day 7 days a week to help care for these abused TB's.  Over that 3 months Studley and I bonded so closely I new when they were finally released to the state on the trail date I was going to be upset.

The 3 mares were adopted by wonderful homes,  Studley went to the vets farm.  (no one wanted a TB, stallion). 

I was with him when they got approval to geld him,  I would visit him at the farm,  he'd see me and come running. 

Today out of the grace of God, he is with me.  He has been renamed REO.   And I can quarantee he will never, ever, ever suffer such abuse again !!!!

He is 9 years old,  a perfect gentleman, sweet, loving, and a clown.  He has just completed some training and is taking a break.  He's been doing wonderfully and is so willing, and happy to learn.

(i found out his grandfather is 1985 Kentucky Derby winner Spend  A Buck,  he looks just like him )


I have four horses.  Reo,  another rescue and my 2 main search and rescue horses.  All my boys are loved on a daily basis, but you can see the extra shine in Reo's eye know he save from harm.


I call my 4 guys.......The Backcreek Boys !!!!

Comment by Chelsea Ann Manning on March 15, 2012 at 10:14am

My older sister was into horses when I was about 5, because she was the older sister, I thought whatever she did was made of gold. So naturally, I went into the horse faze too. She got "cured" and moved on to cows, I was a horse freak for life. of all the horse breed posters on my wall, and all my horse models, my favorite was the thoroughbred. They were fast, loyal, tall, and competive. My kind of horse. Unfortunitly, my parents didnt have the funds to get me into lessans. When my family moved from Utah to Iowa, I was dreaming that I can get a horse of my own. Nope. We moved into a house in a small town surrounded by corn. (no joke!!) For years, I just dreamed of owning a thoroughbred. I rode horses whenever I could, at a friends house, pony rides at fairs etc. But when I was 14, I couldnt take it any longer! I needed to get a horse. I looked at a few horses and my heart went out to a little mustang filly. She turned out to be sold and the former owners never took her off the for sale list. I was heart breaken. I made a deal with my parents, I told them if I get the money, find a place that I can board the horse, Could I get a horse. They agreed, thinking "She is a 14 year old girl, there is NO WAY she could pull this off."

Ironicly, a lady at my church had two horses, and was WILLING to give me lessans. I also got a job as a baby sitter. By Christmas I had $180 (I started saving in October) My dad started to panick. My mom, started helping me find a horse. My friend was willing to keep the horse at her place, but at the last minute, they said no. I was getting ready for bed when my mom called me down to look at a horse she found on line. It was true love the moment I saw that thoroughbred's face. She was a OTTB, 15.3hh, a little star on her forhead and a fiery chestnut. Her name is, No way. We arranged to go meet her two weeks later.

No way's story was a very sad one. Born to be a race horse, but she  just wasnt good enough for it. The farm sold her to a lady in Iowa who starved her, abused her, etc. No way went days without water. It was no wonder why she didnt trust people.

At the rescue, my mom started falling in love with a little black paint reject. And No way tried to kick me. (there's a shock). I started looking at the other horses and saw a small paint. Everybody thought I would take that paint home, but thankfully, my dad convinced me other wise.

My father isnt a good horseman, but he does know emotion and people. He told me these words that stick with me to this day "Patches (the paint) will trust you because she is trained to trust you, No way will trust you because she would grow to love you." I went back to my decision and No way. We bought the No way and the little paint reject named Midnight for my mom. As I looked back, I swear, No way was GLARING at me over the fence.

At school I told my horse crazy friend and she told me I was crazy. A life long QH person, she told me thoroughbreds are crazy, untrustable, and not good for a beginner rider. Did I listen to her? no.

March 13, 2010 I brought No way to her new home, at my trainers place. Little did I know that No way would become the most stable thing in my life. No way seemed to KNOW that I would need her, the untrustable thoroughbred transformed into a trustable thoroughbred but only for me. Nobody couldnt halter her, if they even tride, No way would act like she has never even SEEN captivity, she would rear and buck so much it would put any mustang or bucking bronco to SHAME. But for me, she would act like we've been together since day 1.

It has been Two years since that day. No way and I are still a team. Ive been with her through lameness, cuts, not through sickness. . .. Yet. And she has been with me through drama, when all my "friends" left, No way was there. When my older sister (then 17) got pregnant people in my school placed bets when I would get pregnant, No way just allowed me to cry in her mane a

Comment by John Freeman on March 15, 2012 at 9:06am

I don't remember exactly how I learned that the Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society was looking for volunteers but, as I approaching retirement, I offered to do barn inspections and follow up reviews for my area. Through this activity it was strongly suggested that I "walk the talk" and adopt a Standardbred, rather the thoroughbred I was aiming for.

At the point, I had worked with off the track thoroughbreds for years but, being English, knew little about Standardbreds. The Adoptions Coordinator at the time told me that if she were adopting, there was one horse in particular in the program she would go for, but that he wasn't officially listed as he would be a transfer of adoption. She urged me to go and see him.


I was still working at that point - teaching at Ryerson University in Toronto, and commuting weekly to our farm, near Kingston so it took a while for me to make the journey to the Ottawa Valley to see the horse. It was late winter when I finally got there and we all know horses don't usually look their best at that time of the year. He was shaggy as a bear and seemed small compared to what I was used to. I was amazed when invited to groom him outside the barn and "tie him if I wanted". I'd never groomed outside before and certainly never a loose horse. Anyway, there was too much snow still for our test ride to be effective, and I was really concerned that he was too small and I would look silly on him.


A few months of correspondence later, I trekked back to have another look at "Zuckie", registered name, Kendal Patrol. All the snow was gone and I tacked him up and rode in the outdoor arena. He was the laziest horse I could remember riding until I was offered a crop. I never needed to use it, just knowing it was there made all the difference and he gave me a good responsive ride, cantering on both leads with little encouragement. We followed up the ride in the ring with a ride down the trail, which he clearly enjoyed. I decided to give him a chance.


I asked when we could do the transfer and told his previous adopter that I had arranged for board starting in August just in case. The reply was - August 1st works for us! So, it was a done deal. Zuckie arrived on schedule and I almost didn't recognize him. Instead of the brown shaggy thing I'd met initially, this gorgeous, sleek, copper colored horse stepped off the trailer. You might call it love at second sight.


Its now been almost 3 years and I have no regrets. His performance as a riding horse continues to steadily improve and our relationship gets stronger by the day. He's at the gate to greet me as soon as he hears my voice (not even necessarily calling his name). I can even cough and he's right there. He loves to be groomed and fussed over which he was impatient with before. He's a real character and knows and understands so much. He makes me laugh. He brings me joy - in a way that no other horse has done since I was a kid.


I never set out to find him, but I was definitely lucky to find Zuckie, and I like to think that he was lucky to find me.

Comment by Cynthia Boudreau on March 15, 2012 at 8:57am

Luck did lend a hand in helping me find my horse! I might even say luck, "a little help from my friends, and some sort of divine intervention!" And as luck would have it, my horse is Irish!!! I never even knew of the Irish Draught breed until I got her, and for free! I knew of the Irish Sport Horses, but had never dealt with a purebred Irish Draught.

Anyway, in september of 2009, my father came for a visit, and I rode my mountain bike with him for 15 miles and was fine.  Later that night, I hit the floor and never got back up again.  Since I am a Physical Therapist, I kind of knew what to do.  I felt like I was dying, but did not know why.  I took my temp and it was 106! When people are about to die, they spike really high fevers, so sure enough I was dying.  After getting my temp and writhing on the floor in pain for 1.5 hours, I gave up and called 911.
Long story short, I had a tumor which took over my entire abdomen, wrapping itself around my uterus, ovary, and intestines.  I was gravely ill b/c nothing could get in or out of my digestive system.  The tumor ruptured, and sepsis was leaking throughout my system, killing off my organs one by one.  I had major emergency abdominal surgery, and was cut basically from my belly button to my pubic bone, which in effect caused me to lose any ability to use my abdomen.  You don't know what your abs do for you until they are taken away from you! Fast forward 7 months later and pushing myself every second of every day, and that is when I started riding again.
At about that time, I had lost 3 horses in 3 years which was devastating to me.  I was going to quit riding, because now not only did I not have a horse to ride, but I was very weak and sick.  I have always prided myself in my physical strength, and am an ex college basketball player from many moons ago.  I was once a hell of an athlete, and had been reduced to someone who could not even garner the strength to climb into her own bed, which forced me to sleep in my recliner once I got home from the hospital.
My vet found out I was going to quit, and it was she who found me Zoe, my current horse.  We saved each other.  She was basically on her way to slaughter, as she had attacked and seriously injured so many people.  She took to me though, and with a lot of patience, love, proper discipline, and care, she is now just awesome!  You could check out my website to see the most recent pics of her at  You can see how she went from being barely broke to a rider at 8 y/o and in 9 months of training, was doing 3'6" jumpers, and post 11 months, novice eventing during which she came in second place on her first try at it!
There is nothing this horse won't do for me when she is under tack.  Even though she is basically scared of the world, since she never left the farm she was born on until I came around, she tries so very hard, and is very sensitive! I recently had some oral surgery, and she kissed me all over my face and neck when I went to see her the first time after the surgery.  She knew something was wrong with me, and wanted to take care of me. 
I love my horse, and thankfully, the luck of the Irish was on my side when someone found her for me! 
Comment by Miranda N. Prather on March 15, 2012 at 8:00am

Luck, fate, higher power, definitely something brought Blue Blue Sea and I together. TBs have always been my breed of choice. I had to be horseless while working through college and the lean years afterward, but in 2003, I started looking and knew a TB was what I wanted again. I found the CANTER site and started looking at the WV (now Mid-Atlantic site). I looked at only one other horse seriously before Blue Blue Sea and when I called, that gelding was already sold.


In early 2004, I found the listing for a 5 year old chestnut gelding by Sea Hero out of an Alysheba mare. I had to look at his picture! Chestnuts are my favorie and Alysheba meant Alydar, my favorite racehorse of all time, the one I cried over the losses in each Triple Crown race when I was only 3. I clicke on to look at the picture and wow! It was "love" at first site for the human to horse relationshihp. I donwloaded his picture. Showed that picture all my friends, who I'm sure got sick of hearing about this horse. I called the next weekend and was crestfallen. They explained to me Blue Blue Sea had much interest, so he probably already had a home, but they were nice enough ot take down my information.

I spent the next weeks sadly glancing at the CANTER site but always opening up Blue Blue Sea's picture. He was the horse I wanted. In February, I was home sick from work when the phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and my heart leapt! It was Blue Blue Sea's owner. I answered right away and was thrilled to hear that he was still available. I made an appointment that Saturday to look at him. Another woman was also looking, but since I was first, the owner gave me the choice. I didn't even have to think about it! I took Blue Blue Sea home a couple weeks later.

Though he may not have turned out to be the jumper I envisioned, he is my one special horse that I will have in my life. We have conquered his malabsorption disorder and 1-2 year life expectancy from that disease - he was diagnosed in 2006 and is still happy and thriving. I've learned a wealth of knowledge on medical procedures that I wouldn't have otherwise known and I've learned that your ego can't be bigger than your horse. He's the best friend I've ever had and something was definitely at work to bring him into my life. :)

Comment by Christina Anderson on March 15, 2012 at 12:51am

I had the wonderful opportunity to lease a stallion to show in reining and like any horse crazy girl I fell in love with him.  When it was determined that my family couldn't afford to buy him I set out to find one of his babies that I could train myself.  As luck would have it there was only one of his babies available for sale and so that yearling became mine.  He has taught me so much and Several years later luck would bring the stallion back home to stay with us as well.  I am so lucky to call them mine.

Comment by Johanna Oberhauser on March 15, 2012 at 12:44am

The current horse holding a special place in my heart is a Blazing chestnut TB gelding named Avalon. Prior to him, I owned a LOVELY young TB mare. Unfortunately, tragedy struck, and my most beloved mare had to be euthanized after it had been discovered that she had degenerate arthritis in both front knees with no resolve. Needless to say, I was devastated.  

And yet, an opportunity came into my life that changed me completely. My trainer had been trying to sell Avalon. However, after a bad start and lots of lost confidence and too much inconsistency, and an injury, Avalon wasn't looking like he was going sell. At the time, I had been riding a few horses around the barn, him included. I was always very distant from the horses, I rode the, but never really created a bond with any of them because I was so heart broken over my little mare. 

My trainer, seeing my depression, asked if we could work out a deal with Avalon. A dead end, and not really sure what to do next, I said "yes." I never could have imagined what kind of deal I really was getting. 

From day one, Avalon proved to be a sweet gelding, and as time went on, he proved to me what a big heart he had. He started to share all his little secrets with me and I have discovered a very funny and loveable horse within. And I guess you could say Avalon is super lucky to have me too; I am in his company 7 days a week and have learned, and tended to, his deep love for peppermints. ;) He has opened up so much more, his personality has gotten stronger and stronger and he's a lot more bolder now. People comment all the time how much he tries for me, and in return, I am always his best friend. And he is becoming mine too. I thought I would never find another horse to bond with, but Avalon needed me and I needed him. I gave him confidence, and he has given me joy. He is definitely a special horse and very lucky too. And i have definitely had a lot of luck as well. Not only was I lucky enough to find another horse, but I was lucky enough to get the healing I needed. Luck has also opened many doors for Avalon and I. My very "specially weird" boy has been becoming a superstar at home and his potential has been showing through. And on the subject of luck, last week we went to our first real "A" horse show together and won two out of three classes and got Champion of our division. Talk about LUCK all around!

Comment by Cortni Volkman on March 14, 2012 at 11:17pm

I had just switched to a new trainer and she had just found out her lesson horse had a heart problem. So I was very down and stressed out about finding my own horse that wouldn't cost a lot. When I had really just lost hope my old trainer called and said her mom was giving away her TB mare and called me because she knew how much I loved that horse. Sadly she came to my mentally and physically injured. So I gave up my show career and rehabilitated her and here we are today, 100% sound and ready to take on the world!

Comment by Catherine B Suddarth on March 14, 2012 at 11:16pm

Luck played so many aspects of meeting my horse.  First, I had the luck of getting a new job at the power company in Tallahassee.  My boss was woman with horses and farm.  Having just moved from the Florida Keys, I hadn't ridden in years.  However, she got a call from one of our coworkers, whose sister trained horses in Ocala for the track.  Those that had no future on the track, they preferred to get rid of so they tried to find homes for "free".  My boss said lets go get you a horse and you can keep it at my!  So we hooked up her trailer and went to Ocala.  We found the place, I chose a horse and she chose another.  We had them loaded on the trailer.  We asked for their coggins and bill of sale to prove they were ours.  Well, the sister did not have a current coggins on the horses, so we off loaded the horses and said we would come back the following week...but that never happened.  My boss said she had another friend she wanted to drop in on that just happened to be a few streets we stopped by there and surprised her friend and told him why we were in the area.  He said he had a client who had a horse for sale...a 4 year old registered QH mare who was just starting training, he brought out a beautiful sorrel 16 hands, did I say beautiful mare, It was love at first sight, he said we could load her up and take her home for trial...and that was the beginning of a wonderful relationship...I never took her back...mailed my lucky is that??  Maddie and I have been together for 4 wonderful years and we are now living in Virginia.   Every day, I say thank you Lord for making the "free" horse unavailable and leading us to to the other barn. :)

Comment by Becky Webber on March 14, 2012 at 11:09pm

This is one of my favorite stories to tell about my "baby" Maya! I was working at a camp and had recently bought a cute little buckskin Quarter Horse mare to use as a lesson horse. She was a little ribby and bony over her topline when she arrived, but I figured I could put some healthy weight back on her in no time. The weeks went by and not much seemed to be changing. I was about to get the vet involved. Before I had a chance to make the call, I walked out into the pasture of 26 or 27 horses to feed them one morning and there was a little brown filly glued to the side of the boss gelding of the herd. It took me a minute to convince myself that this was a baby horse and not a deer or some other animal. The gelding was treating her as if she were his own baby (he was incredibly gentle with her) and wouldn't let any of the other horses get within 10 feet of her - including her mother! As far as I knew, none of the mares in the herd were pregnant. After the shock wore off, I did a little investigating of the mares and shortly after found the culprit. The little buckskin mare had been pregnant when I bought her and nobody knew about it! She gave birth to a healthy bay filly in the pasture during the night. I was able to pull mother and daughter out of the pasture out of the pasture and reunite them in a smaller pen. Both seemed happy to be back together. I called the vet out and he declared her a healthy little girl!

I knew I had to have her and offered to buy her from the camp when they said they weren't in a position to have a young, untrained horse in the program. That bay filly is now a gorgeous 4 year old, is coming along very well under saddle. She is my best friend and a constant joy to be around. I knew from day one that I had found my "forever" horse that I could never be separated from and consider myself so lucky to call her mine!

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