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Comment by Avery Sharp on March 14, 2012 at 10:16pm

Luck most definitely played a roll in finding my best friend, and to this day, I am still so thankful.I can remember the day, December 13th, 2006.. Around 6:30pm. I was watching T.V up in my parents bedroom when my dad came up and handed me a name plate


Owner:Avery sharp" 

would have been crying in excitement, but i was laughing with tears that my dad had gotten his name wrong.It was Aquarius, my new partner. My new best friend. Although, it didn't start just then. Our friendship had been started a few months before when he first came to the farm i was taking lessons at. I was a working student, and took lessons once a week. One Saturday, sometime in the afternoon, Mr.xxxxx pulled in to the farm driveway with the horse trailer. He pulled up to the farm and turned his truck off and asked me if i could help unload the new horse he bought to pull the big cart. Since the farm i was at had pony clubs, and parties, we had a few cart horses and ponies.I started to open the top doors of the trailer to see a skinny, lanky horse standing there looking out. He had no forelock, his mane was to his shoulders, and his tail was cut at the end of the bone. He was a 3 year old, Clydesdale Thoroughbred cross, that had lived in a field and pulled carts. And as soon as i laid my eyes on him i knew he was special. I knew he was mine. A few weeks after his arrival, it was time to start to ride him. I always would try and watch as the girls got on, and walked around. I remember his first steps with a rider, his first trot steps - they would try to talk and sing to him to keep his nerves down. Then came the day that i built up the courage to ask if i could ride him, or at the least be able to sit on top of him. So, that day after his ride, i grab the reins in my left hand and took my first sit on Aquarius. I was lead around the arena, and even lucky enough to be the first person who got to be lead around on him outside. I was ecstatic. I loved him more then ever! I wanted him to be mine, and only mine. From then on i started to ride him more. People couldn't believe how well we got along as a team. I was the one who got to ride his first canter steps, the first pole he ever walked over, even his first jump. It had only been a few short weeks, but i loved him, and i knew that he loved me too.I started bringing my dad to his stall every time i went to the farm. i would bring him treats, and spend extra time grooming him, cleaning his stall, or giving him extra hay. We became best friends and everyone could see it When December rolled around, and it was time to write my christmas list, "Aquarius" was the first thing. He was the only present i wanted, and i made sure that my parents knew. Aquarius this, and Aquarius that. He was all i talked about. One afternoon when i was at the farm, i was walking around with a friend of mine when i saw Mr.xxxx showing clients horses. One of the horses he showed them was Aquarius, and he was the only horse they liked. He was the horse they wanted to buy. My heart sank. I thought i was going to lose him, my best friend. I told my dad as soon as i saw him. I wanted him to do something right then. I wanted to know if i was going to lose "my" horse. But, he told me he would talk to Mr.xxxx in the morning.

"But what if the morning is to late?" that question ran threw my head all night.. I don't think i slept at all. i was too scared, nervous.

The next day, at 3 o'clock i ran the my dads truck after being dropped off at the bus stop.

"So, did you talk to him? what did he say?"

"No, I don't think I don't think i talked to him on time"

"that's it... he is gone.. my best friend is gone. it's over before it even started."

When i got home i went straight to my room, and i cried. I cried for what seemed like hours. And that's when my dad came upstairs and handed me a gold name plate.


Comment by sam edworthy on March 14, 2012 at 10:16pm

My horse was found by my previous coach at the facility she works at. She knew how special he was and recommended that I try him out. He was the first horse I tried and I knew he was "the one". I tried various other horses but they did not compare. I bought him a few weeks after I had tried him as other people wanted to buy him as well. After he passed his vet check he came to his new home. He has turned out to be a great horse. I feel like the luckiest person to have him.

Comment by Melissa Skillings on March 14, 2012 at 9:33pm

After 2 years of rehabilitation therapy and thousands of dollars in rehabilitations costs and realizing it just wasn't enough, I made the heart breaking decision to retire my 10 year old Thoroughbred mare. It was a long and tough two years, with her undergoing a plethora of treatments including laser, bowen, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, corrective farrier work etc, and myself being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing nearly a year of chemotherapy and radiation treatment I really felt like we had just been beaten down to our last drops and we both gave it all we could. Coming to the decision with the help of my vet and realizing that the best decision I could make for her was to let her live a peaceful life, free the demands that a riding horse endures. On that heart breaking day, when I cried a thousand tears, someone was watching over me.... A friend told me about a lovely little 3 year old filly she knew of and was working with at a race barn that would be looking for a new home. I wasn't in the mood to even think about a second horse but she really pushed me to just *have a look*. knowing that it wasn't in the money cards to purchase so soon, I resisted her prompts until I finally gave into peer pressure and asked a friend of mine in the area to go take a look at this filly for me. When she returned from her visit she couldn't say enough good things about this little girl. Her mind, her movement, her willingness to learn. After some negotiations with my landlord, a hard look at my pocket book and one brief glimpse of that little filly's sweet face and I was SOLD. I picked her up one week later and couldn't have asked for a better horse. She's everything I've ever wanted and makes me remember what is it to really enjoy the sport of riding again. Not to say my old mare has been replaced - no one could replace her - but I have found a new joy, that is equal to that in which my 10 year old mare has always given me. They ironically look very similar (chestnut, white star, long snip and two hind socks) but have minds from completely different worlds.

It wasn't something I was ever intending on doing - paying for two horses - but my old mare has a promised forever home here and the new one is worming her way into my heart, one nicker at a time.

Comment by nina amelung on March 14, 2012 at 9:20pm

At the time I wasn't looking for a horse. He was at the boarding facility my mom's horse was at and I made the comment that if I was to get a horse, I'd like one just like him(JD). The lady who owned the place, mentioned that his owners were looking at giving him away. I told her that if they were serious I would consider it, but that I would want to talk to them about him.

He had an old stifile injury and that's why he was being boarded there. He was a level 2 dressage horse and since they couldn't use him for dressage anymore he was just sitting in a pasture.

A week later, he was mine.

He's been the best horse I could ask for, especially for a beginner and first time horse owner. He has a lot of patience and puts up with a lot of my mistakes. We've gone through a lot in the almost 2 years since I've gotten him.  And we're always teaching eachother new things.

He's spoiled rotten and loves it, he's changed as a horse. He used to not like being touched and loved on and now he likes it(or at least tolerates it) haha.

He gets special grain and joint supplements, as well as medication for ring bone, arthritis and a multitude of other issues.

And to make him even more special, I've always wanted a paint and even though he's a solid paint, I still got my paint!

I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Comment by Sarah Fairfield on March 14, 2012 at 9:13pm
I was looking to find a palomino Morgan after seeing one at the Brandon, Manitoba Morgan horse show. I found my horse at a local breeder in Manitoba. She was a scrawny yearling who's mane was hacked off and had all her ribs showing. I fell in love anyways and bought her because she was sweet and I could see her potential. I brought her home and showed her off to everyone, I can't even imagine the comments made after they left. I loved her and she has turned out to be the best horse friend I could ask for. She'll do anything for me and I trust her 100%. The best thing is she is also the most beautiful horse I know.
Comment by Bethany Smith on March 14, 2012 at 8:24pm

I was ten when I met my horse Stella, well she wasn't my horse yet, but I was riding her in lessons and i fell in love with her and starting to ride her almost every lesson. After a year Stella was sent to another barn because my coach and the owner of the barn couldn't afford all the horses she had. I was heart broken, i went ahead and did my lesson. Holding back tears the whole time. I remember crying every night for a week after that but their was no hope for her coming back, my coach couldn't afford her and the other horses she sent with Stella. This was the third horse that had been ripped from my heart because of some reason, I couldn't believe it. Stella was the first horse that i didn't only love to ride and love but i also felt a special connection with Stella, almost like we were one living animal. It felt like we were partners for life.but then she was gone. Just after this I decided that i would use the money that i had already started saving  up to buy a horse because my parents couldn't afford to buy me one. I did all the odd jobs and chores and when i was old enough dog walking and babysitting and didn't spend any b-day money or x-mas money and eventually i had saved up $3000 in 2 years and thats when i got the news that Stella was coming back! I was so happy but i still didn't know that she was going to be the horse that i ended up with but after riding her for a year after she came back i knew she was the horse for me. But something was wrong. she was the best a horse could ever be when i rode her but as soon as someone else rode her she started blowing back in the cross ties and bucking , tearing down the long side. I quickly realized that my coach made her very nervous something was going on between them and i was the only one Stella trusted to keep her safe when she was around. I realized then that she was my horse no matter what and I had to buy her.but i was a thousand dollars short so I started working more. But little did i know another curve ball was thrown in our path. Another girl at our barn wanted to buy her but my coach had known that i had wanted to buy her and yet still went behind my back and was so close to selling her. I freaked i would not have her torn from my grasp again! my mom offered to pay for the remaining $1000 dollars i needed but eventually my coach just stopped the other girl from buying her because she realized how much she meant to me. I saved up the rest of the money and bought her a year later and moved her to a different barn where her personality wouldn't crash with my coach's. I sure think their was a lot of luck involved in bringing me and Stella together and we will be together till the end of time. She is and will always be my horse and the best horse in the world! i love her so much and i think all the events that happened in bringing us apart and back together only made our relationship stronger.  

Comment by Kathy Newman on March 14, 2012 at 8:19pm

While I was boarding horses at my farm, I met a girl who had a mare and needed a place to stay.  The mare arrived in early spring and fit in well with the other horses. She was not broke so was asked to break her.  Which I did.  She was very easy to get along with and she did well.  We started riding her in early fall and then had to quit as winter was upon us.  Well, early spring came and the mare Cheval seemed to winter very well. She was rather chubby.  On April 3rd 2005, I went out to the barn as usual to feed the horses and lo and behold, there was a little foal flopping around on the ground.  Cheval (Mom) had had a baby  WOW.  Was I surprised and so were the other horses.

Well he was the beginning of a new adventure for me as I did not have any experience with raising young horses.  We have been together 7 years now and it has been interesting, never a dull moment, that is for sure! and now very exhilerating.  I hope it continues and we have many more interesting and fun years ahead.

Comment by Beth Harbour Stafford on March 14, 2012 at 7:41pm

At age 40, I finally got a horse.  9 months later, I had to put him down due to cancer and age.  I was devastated.  My trainer continued to make sure I came to the barn to ride (thru lots of tears).  She went one day with the barn owner to check out some horses at A&M.  She called me on the way home that she had found my perfect horse, Buttercup.  I went to get my gear out of my box.  Buttercup stuck her head over the stall wall and started seeing what was in the box.  The first time I rode her, I knew, she was it.  3 months later my husband left me.  I was able to keep Buttercup and still have her 8 years later.  I tell people she is cheaper then therapy.

Comment by Walter Berger on March 14, 2012 at 7:33pm

I was looking for a trail riding horse and saw the add. When I rang, I found out it was a 7 year old Standardbred and a lady had already left a deposit, but I gave my name and number anyway and kept looking. I found another likely prospect, left a deposit and arranged a vet check for the next day.

That evening I got the phone call. The lady had changed her mind and did I want to have a look. The Vet check was not until noon, so I went up there in the morning just in case. An alert and friendly Gelding and his owner met me. He was saddled up and I went for a bit of a ride in the paddock. Having ridden Standardbreds before, I knew the main thing to look for was if he would canter or pace. I walked around a bit and kicked him up into what was supposed to be a trot. I got a medium sized pigroot (the previous lady prospect fell off at this stage), which was followed by the comfortable Standardbred canter which I had experienced before. I called off the vet for the other horse, and luckless ladies deposit contributed to my loosing my deposit. I didn’t even bother with a vet check on Jarrah, as he felt so right.

It is now a few years later. Jarrah is 25 years young, acting the 4 year old at times. Our specialty has always been horse trials. He has completed a couple of Level 4 short course events a few years ago year, winning at one with the only Clear Time round, and placing 2nd at Upper Yarra. He also competed at the the Standardbred Dressage State Championships, where he placed 3rd and 4th to some very nice younger horses. He did win the SPPHAV State Chamionship Showjumping for 4 years, retiring from Showjumping officially in 2003. His last win was at the Gembrook 15km Time trial in 2007 where he was acting the 4 year old for most of the ride. What a Champion.

Comment by Lori Tankel on March 14, 2012 at 7:23pm

Tucker was a PMU foal that I adopted from Foal Quest. I was looking for a draft cross, one who looked like he would be athletic enough for eventing. I poured over dozens and dozens of photos on several adoption sites.I finally found what I was looking for in Tucker. And best of all, he was my favorite color, black! Tucker arrived a few months later. He was bigger than any of the other foals that were delivered to Florida. He was wild! Friends told me I would never settle him down! I learned that Tucker's weak point was food! I started clicker training him. After a week, I could put a halter on him. The rest after that came easy! Leading, grooming, picking his hooves up. When he was 3 years old, I broke him to the saddle. Because he was so big, I wanted to take my time with him and not worry about any injuries. I didn't jump him until he was almost 5. He will be 9 on May 25. He is my gentle giant! At 17.1 hands, he doesn't realize how big he is and thinks he is a big dog. He events and nothing fazes him. He is the most laid back horse I have ever had. He is very brave and loves to gallop cross country. He has been an amazing partner! His show name is Patronus, from the Harry Potter movies. It means defender or protector. As an eventer, I think that is an appropriate name!

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