Andalusions and Lusitanos: Is There a Difference?

I have read many articles on Lusitano and Andalusion horses;some say there are differences between the two and other articles say there is no difference, they are the same horse From different areas. Well, Let's see what YOU think. 

Lusitano: in many ways, the Lusitano Horse is actually the Portugese equivalent of the Andalusion horse.  There are only slight differences between the two breeds. The Lusitano a d Andalusion developed from the same background;both have Sorraia and Barb blood, but the Andalusion has some Arabian blood in it. The Lusitano is more purebred than the Andalusion. It was actually originally developed as a calvary and carriage horse, but its remarkable agility makes the Lusitano a great show ring horse and is highly valued as a mount for local bullfighters;which it is schooled for in the disciplines of the haute ecole. Portugese bullfighting does not involve the bulls being killed, so Lusitano horses must be agility, fast,calm and handled with expert skill to avoid injury to both horse and rider. Another use for the Lusitano is pleasure riding and light work on the farm, its name comes the Latin name for Portugal,Lusitania.


Blood temp:warm

Height: 15-16 hands

Color:anything solid

Enviroment: Southern temperate


Temperament:intelligent, sensible,easy-going

Description:attractive head, short arched neck, powerful upright shoulders, broad chest, compact back, muscular quarters, long legs. 

Andalusion: cave pointing in southern Spain dating back show prehistoric ancestors of the Andalusion. The breed as most know it was based off of these horses, and it has since spread around the world and been a major influence on many other breeds, including the following: Lippizaner, Hackney, Criollo and the Quarter Horse. At one point in time the Andalusion was the mount of kings, but it fell out of favor in the Middle Ages when heavier horses were needed to carry knights in heavy armor. During the 15th century firearms were invented and the Andalusion became popular again,particularly because it could do the haute ecole beautifully.  One of Spain's most famous horses, the Andalusion has an amazing present, fantastic high-stepping gait and is agile and athletic. Around the world it is called the Andalusion but in Spain it is known as the Pura Raza Espanola, which translates to Pure Spanish Race.


Blood temperature:warm

Height:15-16 hands

Color:mostly grey, can be bay, Black, chestnut or roan 

Enviroment: Southern temperate 


Temperament:usually good natural, can be temperamental 

Description: attractive head with broad forehead and convex note, thick arched neck, shopping shoulders, broad deep chest, muscular quarters,long thick mane and tail. 

In my opinion there are no differences and the few that are present are very minor. Pictured below is an Andalusion mare and foal and above is a lusitano . Please share your opinion of these breeds and which do you prefer. And do you think there are differences?  

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