Well time to get caught up. Last week's was a good start to all this, but maybe now it's time to get this figured out.


Three weeks ago was one of our most successful lunge sessions. Blue is a great horse especially when it comes to me learning things, she's very forgiving if I do anything wrong, which is great in a partnership.

After a good rotation of walk and trot I got her up to a nice steady canter.  She's got the moves! And is getting back into shape much quicker than I am!   Though at least one of us is making progress! LOL. I'm sure mine is just slower coming, working 11hr shifts probably doesn't help, especially with erratic sleep and eating patterns don't help, but that's another task I have to work on. I'm going to have to figure that out. I have succeeded in losing 3lbs and another 1.5 inches though!  Not the greatest, but it's a start!!


Last week was a great lesson if I do say so myself! Ok, Not the best on the side pass, but got working on halts, back up, leg yield and some nice turns. I'm already able to pick out where I need to work a bit harder, and though my balance is good, I need to focus on my co-ordination, and working on realizing how strong my calves actually are.  But at least progress is being made!


Yesterday was a quiet ride by ourselves working on things that we'd started last week.  After about 30 minutes, 3 successful back ups and halts, 2 successful left and right leg yields, we did some circles and figure 8's and then called it a day.


I'm hoping to get a camera set up next week so that we can take a few in saddle shots/videos so that I can see what I'm doing wrong and what I'm doing right. However, I am very much looking forward to making this the year that makes a change in my life. 


Blue being the willing model for the new halter I created for her!!!  I'll admit, she's a beauty!!

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