Berit, Hans Arne And Their Two Stallions.

I've know Berit since I was 14. We have always shared an interest for horses and we both lost the true love of our lives. Hers' was a big black gelding called Hector. She swore she would never get another horse ever again, but a few years passed by, and one day she called me up and said, "I just became a horse owner again". She told me that the horse she had bough was a new born stallion. A native Norwegian breed called Døl (same as Bruvin). He was black and the cutes thing ever! I was stunned. Not only did she get a new horse, but a foal AND a stallion!! How ever would this work?

Fall came and so did winter, she kept me updated on her baby who was named Balder and I her on my babies. I visited and we talked for hours. He was just so cute! The day came when she got him home and already that spring he was hooked on to shafts (after a winter of light but defiantly correct work) and pulled them like he had never done anything else his entire life. She took him everywhere, and did everything with him. They would have dozens of balloons in his paddock or plastic bags along the fences. They would play with the tractors and cows and just have fun together. He grew big, strong and stunning!

This spring her heard grew. She got another horse, same breed and same dad as Balder only one year younger and bay. His name was Tromf. Was she in over her head? Two stallions under the age of three? What about in a few years when they would both be huge, strong and full of hormones?

I clearly underestimated my dear friend. She is the living proof that stallions are just like other horses, as long as they have their manners in order. Constant boundaries and activation is her key, and I have never seen better behaved boys.

I visited a few weeks back and again these past two days and I was able to film them on both occasions. So tell me, would you have guessed that Balder (the back one) was only two years old? would you have guessed that Tromf (the bay) had only been doing that for a couple of weeks? Together with her boyfriend She has created two gouges horses and I am proud to say she inspires me!

(I am Sorry that it is texted in norwegian, but I'm sure you get the point)

This first film is called "an hour or two, with Balder and Tromf" It was taken just a couple of weeks after Tromf arrived.

This next one is called "you can't take me" It shows their love for what they do. They will walk trough walls if they were asked to. The braves horses I know!


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