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This week's blog is going to be based on Christmas gift ideas for all your horsey friends and family. At Baker's, we have a wide selection of small and big Christmas gifts to make gift giving very special this Christmas season. Posted below is a list of our top 5 Christmas gift ideas so far this month. Stay tuned for more as we get closer to Christmas. 

1) Horse treats; nothing is better than spoiling your own horse as well as your friends' and family's horses. These sweet molasses treats are already gift wrapped and very Christmasy

2) Horsey Christmas cards; On Christmas, cards are the one thing people look forward to receiving in the mail or with their gifts. At Baker's, we have a wide selection of very horsey themed Christmas cards that will be momentous to receive this holiday season

3) Necklaces/Jewelry; All the ladies out there know how special it is to receive jewelry, especially for all the horsey gals out there if it resembles anything equine. So gentlemen, here is a great silver necklace that will dazzle the special lady in your life  

4) Dressage Whip; This is a vital piece of equipment for every rider to have as part of their collection, regardless if they are not dressage riders. We have just received our Swarovski crystal dressage whip, and it would be perfect under the Christmas tree. Following the classic Swarovski blue colour, this crystallized whip will make dressage riding fun and make you stand out in your lessons

5) KEP Helmet; This helmet is one that is becoming very popular. It is stylish, safety approved, airy and completes the professional look when in the ring or for everyday riding. It comes with a carrier bag that is lined to keep your helmet in top condition when traveling to shows and at the barn. Here is a link to their website for more information http://www.kep-hats.co.uk/

Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas shopping so far, and make sure to stay tuned for more Christmas gift ideas from Baker's. Have a great rest of your weekend :) 

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